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Zac Efron parties with group of women on yacht in St Tropez after sparking concern over changed appearance in new movie

ZAC Efron has been seen partying with women in St. Tropez after sparking concern from fans over his changing appearance.

The High School Musical star’s supporters noticed a drastic change in his look after Netflix released the trailer for A Family Affair.


Zac Efron was spotted in St Tropez, enjoying a day on a yacht before heading out for lunch at Loulou, as seen above[/caption]


The actor wore a black T-shirt and jeans and was seen adjusting a hat as he headed to Loulou in St Tropez[/caption]

Zac, 36, was spotted enjoying some time away in St. Tropez.

The actor donned a cool and casual look, sporting a form-fitting black T-shirt and tight denim jeans.

He paired the look with white slip-on sneakers and a black baseball cap.

He hid his eyes behind dark sunglasses and adjusted his cap as he walked.

Zac was joined by a large group of women, all dressed in chic summer outfits.

He and his lady friends were seen boarding a yacht for some time out on the water.

After getting off the vessel, they went to Loulou for lunch.


Zac Efron (not pictured) was joined by a group of women for the outing in St Tropez[/caption]


It’s not clear who the group with Zac Efron, seen above in St Tropez, was[/caption]


Zac has been doing press for his latest film, A Family Affair.

The film stars Nicole Kidman, Joey King, Kathy Bates, Liza Koshy, and Sherry Cola.

Zac and Nicole, 57, opened up about their initial review of the script, as well as title changes to the project, in an interview with People.

“Originally, it had a different title,” The Big Little Lies actress said.

“It was called Motherf**ker,” Zac shared.

Nicole chimed in, adding, “Beeped out.”

“Somehow that didn’t make it onto the Netflix title.”

A Family Affair is Zac and Nicole’s second film together.

The pair previously played lovers in the film The Paperboy.

In A Family Affair, Zac played a self-absorbed movie star who falls for Nicole’s character, a write who also happens to be Zac’s character’s personal assistant’s mom.

Joey, 24, plays Zac’s personal assistant.


In celebration of the film’s premiere, Zac shared a behind-the-scenes video on Instagram.

In the clip, Zac and Joey were filming a silly scene where she chokes on a grape, runs into a door frame, and passes out.

Immediately after the scene ended, Zac turned the camera around to show him and Nicole laughing and praising their co-star for doing her own stunts.

He then turned the camera back toward Joey, who walked toward them, also laughing.

Fans, however, were distracted by Zac’s appearance, noticing that he looked different than he has in the past.

“WTF !!!! What happened to your face Zac?” one fan inquired.

“Plastic surgery and aging … oh but smoking probably. They can’t fool us,” another person responded.

Other fans jumped to Zac’s defense, noting that he underwent major surgery on his face after a nasty accident some years prior.

In an October 2022 cover story for Men’s Health, Zac revealed that he shattered his jaw while running in his Los Angeles, California mansion with socks on.

The Iron Claw star explained that he slipped and hit the corner of a fountain, which caused him to pass out.

He came to and realized that his chin bone was “hanging off” his face.

Zac claimed that his masseter muscles “compensated” for his injury, growing in size.

“The masseters just grew. They just got really, really big,” he told the magazine about why his jaw looked larger than usual.

Zac previously denied having plastic surgery after social media critics repeatedly questioned his seemingly altered appearance.


Fans have been buzzing about Zac Efron’s appearance after getting glimpses at him on social media, as seen above, and in a trailer for his new film, A Family Affair[/caption]


Zac Efron plays a self-absorbed actor in A Family Affair, seen in a still above[/caption]


Zac Efron, seen at the Los Angeles Premiere Of Netflix’s ‘A Family Affair’, had major surgery on his face after a nasty accident[/caption]

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