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‘You get nothing,’ Walmart shoppers warn about new return policy – but ‘Target is even worse’

SHOPPERS are frustrated with Walmart’s new strict return policy. 

Walmart now requires shoppers to begin in-store purchase returns online, following several steps before the return can be made. 


Walmart now requires shoppers to begin the in-store return process online[/caption]


Walmart shoppers are warning others of the extensive return policy and want a more hassle-free experience[/caption]

On the Walmart website, the store offers customers the option to begin the return via the Walmart app or on the Walmart website. 

The website instructs customers to fill out a form which will give the customer a barcode to return in-store. 

In addition to a return barcode, the store also requires that customers bring an email confirmation with them to complete a return.

The complicated return process has customers warning others who may need to return items in the future.

“Watch out for Walmart’s new return policy,” one shopper posted on Facebook.

“Now you have to go online to fill out return paperwork. It must be correct, or they will not accept it.” 

“If you have changed your debit card they will only offer an E-Card which you can only spend in the store. But, if they have already processed the refund on the old card you get nothing.” 

“Just another one of Walmart’s many new improvements,” the post ended.

Next to the shopper’s Facebook profile, they wrote that they were “feeling angry.”

But Target’s return policy isn’t any more hassle-free. 

“Target is even worse,” one former Target shopper replied.

“I haven’t been back to Target in 12 years.”

In order to return a product at Target, customers need to present a valid receipt or return barcode, per Target’s website.

The process to get a return barcode is similar to Walmart’s process. 

Customers need to log in to their Target app or log in on the Target website, click the In-Store tab to view recent purchases and go to the order tab.

From there customers can begin the return process and then bring the barcode to Guest Services in-store. 

Increased return measures all come as a result of stores making a bigger effort to prevent retail theft. 

In 2023, retail stores reported a loss of $121.6 billion to retail theft, according to a study done by Capital One

That number is expected to rise to $150 billion in 2026. 

Stores lost an estimated $84.9 billion in fraudulent sales returns throughout 2022.

Walmart return policy

According to Walmart’s website, in order to return items customers must:

  1. Select the items you’d like to return & a reason for the return.
  2. Choose “Return to store” to get a return barcode (eligible items will allow you to select “Curbside Return”).
  3. Review the return refund summary & submit your return.
  4. Check your email for confirmation. Bring this confirmation email with you to the store along with your item.

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