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‘Won’t be back,’ says shopper whose Costco is full of ‘deadly’ shopping carts & high prices – they’ll go to BJ’s instead

A SHOPPER won’t be returning to Costco after making several shocking discoveries about the membership-based store. 

The first-time Costco visitor posted on Facebook about his experience walking around the superstore.


A first-time Costco shopper posted several observations that made him not want to return to the store[/caption]


The shopper pointed out that groceries at competing membership store BJ’s were cheaper than those at Costco[/caption]


Costco customers have been frustrated with the membership-based store recently due to rising prices[/caption]

“Visited Costco in Scarborough for the first time today–didn’t purchase a membership, just walked around to check it out,” the Facebook post began.

The customer went on to list three observations and questions about the store, ranging from the prices of the products to the attitude of the customers.

“I happened to have a receipt from BJ’s in my wallet. For the items, I was able to compare, the prices were significantly higher at Costco.”

“Costco shoppers are deadly with their carts. They WILL run you over and it will somehow be your own damn fault.” 

“I’m not sure if it’s always this way, but everyone seemed very angry to be there. Were they already angry when they got there? Or did being in Costco make them angry?” 

After spending some time in the store, the man decided that he probably wouldn’t be purchasing a membership.

“In consideration of all of the above, we most likely won’t be back.”

“So there’ll be one more available parking spot for someone else. Maybe they’ll be a little less angry,” the post ended. 

Two dozen Costco shoppers commented under the post sharing their good and bad experiences shopping at the store. 

“You needed to go with me. It is my happy place,” one Costco fan replied.

Despite some support for the chain, most other commenters agreed with the poster’s hot takes.

“They can have our parking spot as well,” one former Costco shopper posted.

“We didn’t care for Costco either! I found it very dark and we also found it more expensive for what we get.”

One shopper also had a one and shopping experience at the wholesale retailer. 

“I’ve been there once,” the shopper wrote.

“That was enough. I thought it seemed like it’s trying to be a bougie BJ’s.”

Costco customers have caused an uproar online recently over rising prices coupled with membership costs

One shopper made a TikTok of herself walking around the store, pointing out pricey meats and fruits. 

The shopper noted that one carton of grapes was being sold for $11.99 CDN ($8.79 USD).

“What the f**k,” a commentator on the video said. 

In addition to high prices, Costco requires customers to have a membership in order to shop there.

Shoppers can choose between a standard membership for an annual fee of $60 or an executive membership for a yearly fee of $120.

Membership and store cards on offer from major retailers

Here is a breakdown of the store cards on offer to customers from various retailers and their benefits

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  • Gold Star Membership: $60 per year, shop all Costco stores and online with two additional cards for your household.
  • Executive Membership: $120 per year, annual 2% reward, additional discounts and benefits on Costco services, shop online and in-store, and get two additional cards for household use.
  • Sign up for a Costco Membership here

Sam’s Club:

  • Club Membership: $50 per year, bonus offers, same-day delivery, instant savings, Sam’s Club Mastercard, members-only fuel savings, tire and battery center, complimentary membership, and add-on memberships.
  • Plus Membership: $110 per year, all benefits of Club membership plus Sam’s Cash, free shipping, free curbside pickup, early shopping, and pharmacy and optical savings.
  • Sign up for Sam’s Club Membership here


  • Target Circle: A free-to-join reward program allowing users to earn 1% in Target Circle earnings rewards when an eligible purchase is made, access deals and personalized offers, get a birthday gift, and earn a vote to help direct how Target helps out your community.
  • Target Circle Card: A credit, debit, or reloadable account card that gives users 5% off in-store and online as well as exclusive offers, free two-day shipping, and an additional 30-day returns window. Formerly Target RedCard.
  • Sign up for Target Circle here


  • Walmart+: $12.95 per month or $98 per year with a free 30-day trial. Offers members free delivery, free shipping with no minimum spend, fuel savings, Paramount+ subscription, auto car, Walmart+ travel, returns from home, mobile scan and go in-store, and early access to deals and product releases.
  • Sign up for Walmart+ here

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