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“Why not a ultra muscular Russian woman…”: The First Descendant’s New Hero Brings in Complaints Over a Lack of Representation

Nexon’s The First Descendant gave a sneak peek into their new agent, Luna, who will be added to the roaster in August in the upcoming updates. The trailer got a mixed response, with some users commenting on the same representation of female characters in the game.

There is a debate that questions the representation of different body types in the game, as it is quite lazy on the part of designers to keep making stereotypical characters without putting in much thought, which gives rise to the lack of representation that female characters suffer.

Players Demand to See More From the First Descendant

Luna in The First Descendant
Luna is going to be the first character to be added to the roster in August. | Image via Nexon Games

Following the teaser trailer for Luna, some people have argued that there is a consistent lack of representation of female characters in the game. This is because they all comply with the same body structure and have similar features to their counterparts.

One user was frustrated at the idea of seeing the same thing over and over again and shared the reason for his saturation via X. They said that there needs to be diversity in the way characters are represented, as by far we only have 2 different body types.

As mentioned by @Hdarkus, it is deeply saddening to see that the female characters are still catering to a gaze that restricts them from truly diversifying and being portrayed in many colors. An ultra-muscular Russian woman would be so cool to play with if it were ever to materialize, as would a cow-person-themed character.

Nevertheless, the reason players are frustrated with the current state of affairs is largely because they feel there is a lack of representation of female characters as a whole. They think someone needs to step up and change that.

It Is Too soon to form an opinion on The First Descendant

The First Descendant poster
It is too soon to form an opinion on the game, as it has just been released. | Image via Nexon Games

Having addressed the issues around body types, it is also fair to say that Nexon’s The First Descendant was just released a couple of days ago. The game needs to be given some time before forming an opinion about it.

It is too soon to judge what the game is doing right or wrong. There is also another argument that it’s a pretty common thing for looter shooters not to have detailed body design because that’s not the focus of the game.

The First Descendant needs to act holistically to offer its players a wholesome experience in current times where representation and political correctness drive the youth.

What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below.

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