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What is a ‘Sepia Bride’ and why is it trending on Tiktok?

A BRIDE appeared satisfied with her nuptials until she received her wedding day photos.

Alexandra Weinstein’s discontent has gone viral on TikTok, earning her the ‘Sepia Bride’ nickname.

Who is the Sepia Bride?

After Alexandra Weinstein’s wedding picture drama started trending, TikTok users dubbed her the ‘Sepia Bride.’

The nickname refers to the sepia filter seemingly applied to many of Alexandra’s wedding photos.

In November 2023, she got married at a destination wedding in Anguilla.

In June 2024, she began recalling the details of her nuptials to her TikTok followers.

In a series of storytime videos, Alexandra mentioned her dispute with her wedding photographer.

According to the bride, the photographer’s images appeared to overly utilize the sepia filter.

“For about 30 days, I’m staring at the photos, and I’m like, ‘Why is there something bothering me?’ I couldn’t put a finger on it,” she explained in a clip.

“I do not believe that all my photos are bad. I think she took the moments beautifully.

“I think she captured stunning moments. It’s the post-production I wasn’t happy with.

“There are so many stunning moments. It’s just the coloring and the editing on it that just washed everything out in a sense, and that’s what I was unhappy with.”

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