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“We’re going to change the way Spiderbot works…”: XDefiant’s Mark Rubin Confirms Well Wanted and Needed Change to the Game’s Most Annoying Feature

Ubisoft’s XDefiant is one of the latest FPS games which has taken the community by storm with its great weapon progression system (after changes). With its first season finally out, players can now enjoy the ranked mode and new content.

Season 1 introduced many fixes to various bugs. However, one of the most known bugs was the Spiderbot, which was not supposed to be fixed. Mark Rubin came out and made a statement where he explained the situation and promised fixes soon.

The Unintended Fix and Its Reversal of a Bug in XDefiant

The loading screen of XDefiant
Spiderbot bug fixes in Season 1 make it even more annoying to destroy. | Image Credit: Ubisoft

Ever since XDefiant‘s launch, players have encountered many bugs and issues but none of them were as annoying as the bug with Spiderbots. Initially, a bug allowed players to destroy the gadget by shooting at their feet. However, as explained by Mark Rubin, this was not an intended feature.

This was a critical issue for players as it made it very difficult to destroy the Spiderbots with melee attacks, which was not as intended either. However, players can easily destroy the bots by shooting their feet. But with Season 1, unintentionally the fix for shooting the feet bug was removed, making the counter non-existent or very difficult.

After the patch was released, Rubin released a statement on X, explaining the whole situation. He explained that with a nonemergency patch, they will revert the bug where players can remove the gadget by shooting feet.

For the future, we are going to change the way spiderbot works so that there is a easier and clearer way to get them off you own face. But until then the bug where you can shoot them off your own face will remain.

This highlights that Ubisoft is continuously working behind the scenes to fix every issue as fast as possible and also trying to explain publicly if it’s taking time for a fix. This not only helps keep player engagement high but also shows that the company is willing to be transparent about its issues.

Mark Rubin Reveals Future Plans for Spiderbots

The image showcasing the character in XDefiant
Players are hoping to see the required changes in the near future. | Image Credit: Ubisoft

XDefiant was released on May 21 and has made quite a buzz with its unique character which includes characters from other Ubisoft IPs. This was one of the biggest appeals of the game besides the fast-paced and engaging combat system which does not follow SBMM in normal games.

Now with the Ranked Mode being active, the Skill Based MatchMaking is only live for that mode to keep the ranking and matches more competitive and fair to everyone. Unfortunately, the fix for the tool was fixed/made worse in Season 1 but they are looking to fix things with subsequent patches.

In the end, players enjoy the game and find themselves loving the revamped progression weapon system. Let’s just hope the few bugs that are plaguing the game are fixed soon enough.

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