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WATCH: Mike Chimombe’s Sister-in-Law Attacks Journalists, Public Demands Arrest

WATCH: Mike Chimombe’s Sister-in-Law Attacks Journalists, Public Demands Arrest

Mike Chimombe may soon have company in the dock if the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) respond to calls for the arrest of his sister-in-law.

Chimombe is currently in remand prison alongside Moses Mpofu, accused of defrauding the government of over US$7 million in a failed Presidential Goat Scheme.

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Confrontation Caught on Camera

The usually calm Harare Magistrates Court became a battleground on Monday when Mike Chimombe’s sister-in-law lost her temper. She lashed out at NewsDay journalist Rejoice Phiri for filming a conversation between Mpofu and socialite Passion Java, who was at the court in solidarity with Chimombe.

In a video circulating on social media, Chimombe’s sister-in-law is seen aggressively confronting the journalists and even grabbing the equipment of the NewZimbabwe.com crew outside the court.

You can watch the incident below:

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Zimbos Calls For Mike Chimombe’s Sister-in-Law’s Arrest

Zimbabweans have strongly condemned her behaviour, with many calling for the ZRP to arrest her for attacking journalists. Social media was flooded with comments demanding justice. Comments on social media included:


@PoliceZimbabwe please arrest this woman for attacking journalists doing their work at court. This behaviour is unacceptable. Agutisa mbudzi


This is bad, I hope a police report has been filed. Journalists should be protected when doing their jobs.


🟣Where is @PoliceZimbabwe? They’ll arrest a woman peacefully calling for the release of her husband who is a teacher with a disability while letting real criminals go free. We need new leaders.

At the time of writing, the ZRP has not issued a statement regarding the incident, and efforts by iHarare to confirm if a report was filed were unsuccessful. The public is keenly watching to see if justice will be served.

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