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Walmart store goes self-checkout only forcing shopper to carry out bold move at receipt check – it sparked noisy reply

A WALMART shopper shared the drastic action they took due to their store only having self-checkouts.

This customer said he experienced a noisy response to the steps he took at the retailer.


A Walmart customer said he had a bad in-store experience due to self-checkouts (stock image)[/caption]


The shopper said he had to take drastic action as the location only had self-checkouts open (stock image)[/caption]

Drew explained how the self-service kiosks had posed an issue for him.

The shopper shared on X that he needed assistance with the item he purchased but did not receive this from any Walmart staff.

“So my local Walmart tonight was self checkout only, which was super inconvenient because I bought a shop vac,” he wrote.

Drew also explained what drastic and noisy action he took as he was leaving the store.

“Couldn’t find anyone to take the security tag off it so I just beeped as I walked out holding my receipt.”

His post came in response to another shopper who praised the self-service machines.

“So glad that Walmart finally spent money and put in nice self check outs, and plenty of them, just for them to f**king take all of them out unless you are Walmart Plus?” this person wrote.

This customer explained why they loved this form of in-store payment.

“Self checkouts are perfect for people like me that don’t want to talk to cashiers, I wanna just pay and leave.”

Despite this take, the original poster was angered by Drew’s story.

“Wtf @Walmart, get your s**t together,” they wrote.


Self-checkouts have been controversial among many shoppers for even more reasons, The U.S. Sun has previously reported.

Many shoppers have shared their frustrations with long lines caused by the machinery.

One person said they ditched their cart and blamed staff for the wait times at their location.

Latest self-checkout changes

Retailers are evolving their self-checkout strategy in an effort to speed up checkout times and reduce theft.

Walmart shoppers were shocked when self-checkout lanes at various locations were made available only for Walmart+ members.

Other customers reported that self-checkout was closed during specific hours, and more cashiers were offered instead.

While shoppers feared that shoplifting fueled the updates, a Walmart spokesperson revealed that store managers are simply experimenting with ways to improve checkout performance.

One bizarre experiment included an RFID-powered self-checkout kiosk that would stop the fiercely contested receipt checks.

However, that test run has been phased out.

At Target, items are being limited at self-checkout.

Last fall, the brand surveyed new express self-checkout lanes across 200 stores with 10 items or less for more convenience.

As of March 2024, this policy has been expanded across 2,000 stores in the US.

“Left a cart full of items two weeks ago at the Shrewsbury store in Saint Louis,” they wrote on X.

“It has been a mess since opening 10 years ago; however, now it is untenable.

“At least 50 people waiting on self check while employees and management are just watching. Zero cashier isles open.”

Walmart shoppers have not been the only ones to complain about this technology.

Target has recently expanded its checkout changes that would limit the number of items customers can bring through this area.

The U.S. Sun has reached out to Walmart for comment.

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