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Walmart shoppers slam ‘stupid new carts’ as ‘annoyingly tall’ – and parents claim it’s no longer ‘secure’ for children

A SHOPPER has slammed the retailer for changing its grocery carts, making the shopping experience harder on parents.

She said the new grocery carts ruined the in-person shopping experience.

Facebook/Kathryn Justus

Walmart announced new changes to its shopping carts last year[/caption]


Shoppers said the new carts are not secure enough for children[/caption]

The Walmart shopper was excited to bring her baby boy on a grocery trip until she realized that the retailer’s new shopping carts had changed drastically.

“I was actually excited, thinking he’s gonna LOVE being able to move more freely and observe better … BUT Walmart had to go and ruin it with their stupid new carts,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

The new carts no longer fit a baby cart cover – a soft cushion for babies sitting in the front basket of shopping carts.

She also said the carts were “annoyingly tall” with no way to secure her child.

Her post gained sympathy from other parents who experienced similar issues with Walmart’s new shopping carts.

“I do curbside pick up now because of them changing their carts,” said another user.

The shopper later wrote that Aldi’s shopping carts are less of a hassle and can accommodate children’s car seats better.


Walmart debuted its new shopping carts last year in select stores.

The retailer announced the change in a Facebook post, urging shoppers to take a “test drive.”

“They are equipped with a phone holder, cup holder and are slightly taller for a more comfortable shopping experience,” the post read.

“Come take a test drive today. Only found locally at your Mayfield Walmart.”

Since then, Walmart shoppers have been divided on the so-called improvements.

Some shoppers said they enjoyed the new features, especially the phone holder.

However, others still said the height of the shopping carts poses an issue for shorter shoppers and children.

What is Walmart’s Scan and Go?

Walmart’s Scan and Go was made to save time for shoppers

Walmart’s Scan and Go system was created to help customers scan items as they shop, pay, and leave without waiting in long checkout lines.

The retailer describes the new system to be done in a few easy steps:

  • Customers first need to have the Walmart app downloaded on their phones with their location access enabled.
  • On the Store Mode landing page, shoppers must click the Scan and Go option.
  • Customers can scan each item and place them in their carts as they shop.
  • At the end, they’ll be prompted to view the cart to make sure the quantity on the app matches the ones in their carts.
  • Shoppers will press “Check Out” and head to a self-checkout kiosk.
  • They’ll be prompted to scan the provided QR code at the register and confirm their payment method.
  • Once the transaction is complete, shoppers can leave the store without worry.


The grocery carts aren’t the only change Walmart is making.

After a noticeable increase in crime, the retailer implemented several new anti-theft measures.

The new policies have brought on an increase in security guards, a limit on self-checkout items, and random receipt checks.

Customers say they feel personally attacked when they’re stopped at the door and asked for their receipt.

Many shoppers said they’re thinking of closing their wallets and shopping somewhere else.

Meanwhile, a Walmart shopper shared the extreme measures they took after realizing their local store eliminated regular checkout kiosks.

Another Walmart shopper had such an unpleasant experience at the store that she considered driving an hour out of her way to avoid shopping there again. 


Some shoppers said they enjoyed the new features, especially the phone holder[/caption]

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