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Walgreens shopper blows top as store removes only way to access toiletries – they made it ‘literally impossible to shop’

A WALGREENS customer has raged after almost an entire section of the store was locked up.

Many customers have complained about the anti-theft method, arguing creates an inconvenient hassle while shopping.


A Walgreens customer slammed the retailer after an entire section of a store was locked up[/caption]


Many retailers who have adopted the anti-theft method have received backlash from customers[/caption]

Retailers started to lock their merchandise behind plexiglass doors in an attempt to curb rampant shoplifting.

In many stores, shoppers will find items such as socks, baby formula, razors, and soap locked away.

Another point of contention for customers is having to wait for an employee to come help, which can often take some time.

One customer shared a recent trip to a New York pharmacy where they had some issues.

“I’m at a Walgreens in my Brooklyn neighborhood that has chosen to lock up nearly 100 percent of the toiletries and has chosen to take out all the buttons that call someone to open the locks,” the shopper wrote on X.

“Congrats, you have created a store that is literally impossible to shop at.”


The Walgreens shopper hasn’t been the only one to express their frustration.

Countless stores across the country including Walmart, Target, and CVS have implemented locked shelves for certain items.

A Walmart shopper shared their trip to the retailer which was much longer than they anticipated.

“I hate this crap. If there’s something in Walmart that needs to be unlocked, I just leave,” they explained.

“The last time I wanted some medicine unlocked, I waited and asked multiple workers over a period of thirty minutes to help me before I just walked out.”

This was not the first time a customer said this happened at the retailer.

Another shopper shared a video of multiple aisles under lock and key.

“My local Walmart just installed what looks like REFRIGERATED aisles in the entire beauty department,” the user wrote on X.

Anti-theft measures rolled out by retailers

Retailers across the US and Canada have rolled out strategies designed to combat theft. The U.S. Sun has compiled a list of measures that have been implemented at stores.

  • Locking items in cabinets.
  • Security pegs.
  • Security cameras.
  • Signs warning about the impact of theft.
  • Receipt scanners.
  • Receipt checks.
  • Carts with locking technology

“All skincare, all makeup, all nail products, etc. The only thing that wasn’t locked…makeup remover!”

Their tweet was in response to another customer who said they waited almost half an hour for assistance.

“Just spent 20 minutes waiting for someone to unlock the birth control cabinet at Walmart,” they said.

“Next they insisted that they had to walk me to the front and watch me pay. In case you were wondering how it’s going in the United States [of policing].”

The U.S. Sun has contacted Walgreens for comment.

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