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TV star reveals why ‘weird breast milk fetish’ is fundamental to Amazon series

Antony Starr drinking milk as Homelander in The Boys
Anthony Starr has revealed why his character’s milk fetish has become his ‘signature’ (Picture: Amazon)

Anthony Starr has finally opened up about his character Homelander’s obsession with milk as he reveals why this fetish has become the villain’s ‘signature thing’. 

Amazon’s hit superhero series The Boys isn’t known for pulling punches, and the fourth season, which began on June 13th, has been just as perverted as the seasons before it.

In season four of the series which launched last month, viewers were treated to watching an Oscar-winning legend lend her voice to an octopus who has sex with people, a close-up bum scene, and a graphic scene ‘worse than Human Centipede’ that really set the tone of the new season.

Eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot that in the most recent season, a unique storyline was continued that has shaped the main villain of the series, Homelander.

In a recent episode, the character was spotted drinking a glass of milk, a callback to an earlier season when he lapped up breast milk produced by a woman with whom he had a strange sexual/maternal relationship.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Anthony, 48, explained that his milk obsession is something that has reoccurred during the series because it was just so ‘funny and weird.’

‘So my memory is it came up in the scripts – full credit to the writing team on this, because it was so weird. It started with X-ray visioning my Oedipal mummy figure while she was breastfeeding, and me pining like that and having a jealous relationship with the baby,’ he said.

Antony Starr as Homelander in The Boys
Homelander drank breast milk in the second season of the show (Picture: Amazon)
Antony Starr as Homelander and Elisabeth Shue as Madelyn Stillwell in The Boys
Homelander and Madelyn Stillwell have a complex relationship in The Boys (Picture: Amazon)

‘And then at the start of season two, I found some of her… Homelander found some of her breast milk in a freezer and lasers it, starts drinking it, gets caught. 

‘And it was so funny and weird and I think I sent Eric an email after that scene going, “Dude, we gotta get as much milk in this show as possible. “This is gonna be like a little motif or a signature thing. Like, we have to do it.” And he was like, “One step ahead of you, brother. I’m putting it in everything”. And so now every opportunity we get, the milk thing comes out. 

‘We don’t have to do anything with it, either. If I just look at someone and sip milk, there’s a twist to it. It’s become a really fun thing. The fans have really glommed on to it. And enjoyed it,’ he concluded.

Antony Starr at a premiere in 2024
Anthony has played Homelander since 2019 (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Bizarrely, despite all of the depraved actions in the show, it was this milk fetish that has really upset viewers.

ValensShimwaMD said on X: ‘Homelander is just sick. I never thought there’d be a Universe with a character sicker than Rick from Rick and Morty but this scene was sick, bro has a milk fetish.’

‘Homelander and this weird breast milk fetish #TheBoys,’ said AyanaMonique on X.

Others found this recurring interest in milk hilarious rather than revolting.

RedLightning420 commented: ‘Homelander beefing with a baby cuz he’s drinking all the breast milk is the funniest s**t ever 😭😭’

Based on this revelation from Anthony, fans of the show can be sure to expect more milk scenes in the rest of this series – whether they like it or not!

New episodes of The Boys season four are released every Thursday on Amazon Prime Video.

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