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Tragic vid shows idyllic resort usually thronged with tourists left ABANDONED…with bloody war frontline just miles away

A TRAGIC video shows a once bustling beachside tourist resort abandoned as bombs threaten the region.

The tiny picturesque town in Ukraine is now a ghost town, with a video showing the desolate beaches and empty beach chairs.

The once bustling seaside town of Kyrylivka is abandoned
Only a small number of vacationers could be spotted at the beach

Kyrylivka was the tourism hotspot of Ukraine for 200 years[/caption]

The video posted by Michael Linder on X (formally Twitter) shows a desolate and depressing start to the summer break.

He wrote: “Opening Day at #Kyrylivka, #Ukraine’s tourism centre.

“There were recreation areas, kids camps, amusement parks, horses, theaters.

“Now, the beach isn’t able to receive guests. Not enough sunbeds, or vacationers.”

The once bustling beach resort is located 157 mi from the frontlines in Mauripol and shares a border with the Russian-controlled Crimea.

Former Ukrainian language and literature teacher Kateryna Protasova dedicated an essay to the small seaside village.

She said: “For more than 200 years, Kyrylivka was the tourism centre of Ukraine.

“Locals and visitors enjoyed the salt air and the beaches of Peresyp Spit and Fedotova Spit.

“The mud and silt of Molochny are believed to have medicinal properties and are used for treatment by local health centres.

“When the water is low, one can walk across the canal as schools of fish swim between one’s bare feet.”

However that all changed with Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022. While no bombs were dropped on the town, Kateryna said the town changed.

“Kyrylivka was not bombed but villagers could hear Russian aircraft and rockets attacking surrounding cities and villages.

“There were sounds of automatic gunfire on the seashore and explosions all around the bodies of water.

“Weeks later, both the internet and Ukrainian television were gone.

“The village’s mayor, his deputy, and the head of the culture department were taken away to an unknown location by men wearing masks.

“And the occupying forces installed their own mayor.”

As the battle between Ukraine and Russia wages, North Korea has been suspected of lending a military hand to its closest allies.

According to The Telegraph, North Korea will send a large number of engineering and construction groups to help rebuild Russian-occupied cities on the border.

However, Kyiv suspects that military engineers being sent by Kim Jong Un not for “restoration work” in the Donbas region, as stated, but for a more sinister purpose.

North Korea is suspected to be sending thousands of tunnelling troops to Russia to open a new ‘underground front’ on the border with Ukraine.

Meanwhile a hero Brit combat medic who went to fight for Ukraine, has died on the frontlines.

Peter Fouche was remembered as a hero after saving countless injured Ukrainians, was killed in action.

Fouche, from Fulham in West London, co-founded the Project Konstantin charity which announced his death on Sunday.

They said: “On the shield: Peter “Hasta La Vista” Fouché. It is with the heaviest of hearts that we announce the passing of Pete, our beloved director and founder.

“Peter’s unwavering dedication to his work, endless compassion, and extraordinary devotion to Ukraine and its people impacted many lives.

“The heroism of Peter knew no bounds.

“He rescued more than 200 wounded Ukrainian soldiers, was involved in the evacuation of civilians from the most dangerous front-line cities and towns, and also took care of the delivery of humanitarian aid to people in these settlements.”

The charity vowed to continue working in the trenches as Vladimir Putin’s brutal war in Ukraine rages on.

The town shares a border with Crimea and is 157 miles from the frontline in Mauripol

The beach resort was Ukrain’s tourism centre for more than 200 years and had a kids area[/caption]


The mud and silt in Kyrylivka is purported to have health benefits[/caption]

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