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‘This is unacceptable,’ Chase customer says after card was sent to wrong address – they hung up when she asked for help

A CHASE customer has suffered a series of frustrating events after the bank sent the customer’s new card to the wrong address twice. 

The customer claimed they spent over five hours on the phone with Chase representatives as she tried to get a new card she urgently needed. 

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One Chase bank customer spent over five hours with the bank’s customer service trying to get her new card sent to the right address after the bank sent it to the wrong address twice[/caption]


Due to the delays caused by Chase, the flight the customer wanted to purchase with her new card went up by $500[/caption]

“@Chase I am having a terrible experience with customer service,” the woman posted on X, formerly Twitter. 

“No one, no one on the line is helpful! They even hung up on me.”

“I wasted my 3 hours on the phone. I so regret being a Chase customer! Horrible service!! Can’t describe my frustration.”

In response to the customer’s frustration, Chase asked her to DM them with more detailed information.

“Hi, I want to help with your experience, and I’m here to support you,” the company replied.

Rather than sharing her experience privately with the company, the customer posted a series of tweets detailing the full story on X. 

“On June 19, I applied for a Chase credit card, expecting it to be delivered within three business days to the address I provided,” the customer began. 

“Unfortunately, Chase never got the address right. I had to book flight tickets, which is why I applied for the credit card in the first place.” 

“I’ve spoken to five customer service representatives who assured me they understood the issue and reissued the card with the correct address.”

Despite the reassurance from Chase’s customer service, the woman’s card was still delivered to the wrong address. 

“I wasted five hours speaking with reps, only to find out that the issue is still unresolved.” 

“Now, I am stuck without the credit card I need for my purchases and travel plans.”

“The flights I was planning to book have increased by $500, and my schedule and purchases are completely messed up. Two account representatives even hung up on me, saying he couldn’t help.” 

The customer’s complaints don’t end there.

“This experience has been incredibly frustrating, and I deeply regret being a Chase customer. The service has been unhelpful, and I am suffering because of it.”

“@Chase you have severely disrupted my plans and caused unnecessary stress–this is unacceptable.” 

The woman isn’t the only one whose travel plans were interrupted due to an error on Chase’s part. 

An American Chase customer was left without access to their account while traveling abroad. 

“Chase Bank have closed my account again, while I’m out of the country,” the customer posted on Facebook earlier this year. 

“I informed them that I was traveling and they said ‘no problem,’ but I’m left cashless.”

The traveler went on to describe their horrible experience with “very rude” customer service representatives and how they plan on sticking to Bank of America next time they travel internationally.

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