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“They really just ripped off Destiny”: The First Descendant is Using 1 Feature that Resembles Destiny 2 a Little Too Closely, and It’s Not Just 1 Instance Either

The most recent offering from Nexon, The First Descendant, showcases a dynamic world crafted using Unreal Engine 5 and delivers high-stakes cooperative combat against extraterrestrial invaders.

Yet, the game is drawing significant attention not solely for its gameplay, but also due to allegations of copying, particularly in regard to its user interface icons and weapon designs, which have prompted serious inquiries into its originality.

Destiny, the free-to-play FPS RPG, has firmly established itself as a major player in the looter shooter genre. Its immersive world-building, detailed character advancement, and thrilling raids have captivated millions of players. The free-to-play space is rife with competition and ingenuity, necessitating that new titles bring fresh concepts and mechanics to the table in order to distinguish themselves.

Is The First Descendant Too Similar to Destiny 2?

The First Descendant is off to a rocky start, but perhaps its most egregious offense is accusations of stealing from Destiny 2.
The First Descendant draws comparisons to another popular co-op shooter. Image Credits: Nexon

While it’s common for games to share similarities, this title appears to be drawing a significant amount of inspiration from another source.

Many gamers have noticed strong resemblances between The First Descendant and the popular looter shooter, Destiny 2. These similarities have sparked accusations of blatant copying on X. Members of the community are expressing their strong opinions about the topic.

The game’s user interface icons are perhaps the most incriminating evidence. These icons, used for mission types, objectives, weapons, enemies, and upgrades, seem to be nearly identical in both design and function.

This striking similarity in such a crucial aspect of gameplay design prompts questions regarding originality and inspiration among certain gamers.

The similarities do not stop there. The weapon designs in First Descendant closely resemble those found in Destiny 2.

While some overlap is expected in the sci-fi genre, certain shapes and features of specific weapons indicate a clear resemblance that goes beyond mere coincidence.

These are just a few instances contributing to the debate about whether or not the game is a ‘rip-off‘. The concern arises from the numerous similarities. Even the fundamental gameplay loop of completing missions alone or in co-op groups, with a focus on defeating monstrous bosses within a sci-fi setting, mirrors the core experience of Destiny 2.

Can Nexon’s Game Stand Out Despite Its Similarities?

Destiny 2 is one of the most successful cooperative shooters ever.
Bungie’s magnum opus is possibly the archetype for the looter shooter genre. Image Credits: Bungie

Is absolute originality the key to a successful game? Not necessarily. Many well-liked games draw inspiration from previous titles and incorporate their own unique elements.

The crucial question for The First Descendant is whether it delivers an enjoyable and captivating experience despite its similarities.

This is where the free-to-play model becomes significant. Free-to-play games require a compelling element to retain player interest.

If the game provides a satisfying looter shooter experience with engaging mechanics and meaningful progression, its resemblances to other titles may become less of a concern.

Ultimately, the players will be the true judges. Will they find The First Descendant’s gameplay loop fulfilling, or will constant comparisons to Destiny 2 overshadow the experience? Time will reveal whether The First Descendant carves out its own identity or simply fades into the background as a derivative echo of its predecessor.

Do you think that the new title is taking too much from Bungie’s games? Let us know in the comments below!

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