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“The son of the first Superman”: James Gunn Will Make Christopher Reeves’ Fans Emotional in Theatre With a Cameo in David Corenswet’s Superman Movie

James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy has become an extremely anticipated project in the new chapters of the DC Universe. While the first look at David Corenswet’s suit was not well received by fans, the set images that have been released since then showcase just how perfect of a choice he was for the role and how well DC has done his suit.

Since this change of heart, fans have constantly been looking forward to news about the film, be it the slightest update. With the project being in active filming, a lot is being revealed about it after it was kept under wraps for so long.

David Corenswet as Superman
David Corenswet in Superman: Legacy’s First Look | James Gunn’s Instagram

However, the most recent update seems to be one of the best pieces of news to come to the franchise in a very long time. It would seem that the new era for the character is very much rooted in his past.

Superman: Legacy—A Blast From the Past

While there have been several iconic versions of Superman over the years, none have been as iconic as Christopher Reeve. He was Kal-El in every way, shape, or form; embodying the character in a way that had never been done before, and has never been replicated since. Additionally, Superman: The Movie set the foundations for what it means to make a good superhero film.

Christopher Reeve suited up as Superman
Christopher Reeve as Superman | Warner Bros. Pictures

Considering how iconic he is, it is not surprising that many look to his portrayal of the character as David Corenswet enters his suit for the first time. However, it would seem that James Gunn intended to get the comparisons to the forefront of the film’s themes.

It was recently reported by Screen Time on X that Will Reeve, Christopher Reeve’s son, is set to appear in Superman: Legacy. Being a news personality himself, working for ABC News, Reeve is apparently going to play a reporter in the film.

Fans Could Not Be Happier

As soon as the speculation made its way online, fans could not help but be ecstatic at the possibility. Christopher Reeve is an extremely respected figure in the world of superheroes, especially when it comes to the character of Superman. Knowing this, many went as far as to call Will Reeve the son of the Kryptonian. Others pointed out the irony of him playing a reporter in the film when that is his real-life profession.

Christopher Reeve as Superman I Warner Bros.

One fan even came up with the perfect sequence of how the movie could give a nod to Reeve’s film; stating that the reporter should wear glasses like Clark Kent and make the audience confused for a second. Some also pointed out that the addition of a piece from the past always gets more people interested in a film.

Another fan put emphasis on how similar Will Reeve looks to his father and suggested he play Jor-El, Kal-El’s father in the film. It is safe to say that fans are extremely excited about the possibilities such a cameo could bring to the movie.

Superman: Legacy is to be released in theaters on 11 July 2025.

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