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The Price is Right college contestant throws jab at Drew Carey for being a ‘talk show host’ and jokes he’s ‘not smart’

THE PRICE is Right host Drew Carey has been hilariously mocked by a contestant for being a ‘talk show host.’

A player named Lillian was selected for a showcase on the long-running game show, racking up money as she played.

The Price is Right

The Price is Right host Drew Carey has been hilariously called out by a contestant[/caption]

The Price is Right

The Price is Right player Lillian, seen above, took a jab at Drew Carey (not pictured) over his talk show past[/caption]

The third-year PhD student was selected to play a game in which she was presented with items and had to guess whether their price was higher or lower than what was shown.

She whizzed through the game with ease, which Drew, 66, chalked up to her education.

“We might as well not even keep going but … OK, OK. You have a PHd,” the Price is Right host said.

“I was thrown out of college twice. What’s the opposite of a PhD?”

Lillian quickly hit back with, “A talk show host.”

Drew nearly fell over laughing.

“You know what? I’m not smart enough to be a talk show host,” he responded, still in stitches.

The audience and Lillian laughed along.


Drew has undergone a drastic change in his appearance recently.

He has lost around 80 pounds and recently made another change to his look.

The actor took the stage during a June 29 episode of The Price Is Right without a beard.

During the show, contestant David – a barber from Pasadena, California, big the closest to the actual retail price of a sewing a craft collection.

David was brought to the stage after guessing $950.

The Price is Right Hosts

The Price is Right first came on TV in 1972. Fans fell in love with the game show so much that it has been on for over 50 years. Throughout that time, the show has had a few different hosts. Find out who they are below.

Bob Barker – 1972 to June 2007 (also became executive producer in 1988)

Drew Carey – October 2007 to present

Dennis James – filled in for Bob in 1974 when he missed four episodes, also hosted the nighttime version

Craig Ferguson – 2014 April Fools Day Special

He rushed to Drew, who greeted him with an excited welcome.

“What’s up, man? Nice to see you! Welcome to the show,” he said, shaking David’s hand.

The player responded, “Thank you so much,” before revealing his career.

While on the topic, David asked, “I was wondering when you’re going to grow your beard back?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I just got tired of it,” drew responded, rubbing his bare chin.

“This is looking good,” David answered, referencing Drew’s soul patch.

The compliments continued as Drew responded, “Your beard looks great, man,” before jumping into a game called That’s Too Much.


Earlier that same week, a Price is Right contestant suffered a major wardrobe malfunction on the show.

Player Zaniya received a chance to play Time is Money after guessing closest to the actual price of a Nordic Track exercise bike.

She estimated the gym equipment cost $1,700, the highest bid among the four players.

As Drew revealed the “actual retail price” of $2,079, Zaniya began excitedly jumping up and down, shouting, “That’s me!” as her podium lit up and started ringing.

In her excitement, Zaniya’s name tag flew off, and without noticing, she ran onto the stage, leaving it behind as she shouted.

One of the players still standing behind podium picked up the name tag and handed it to Zaniya.

While still yelling, the player accepted her tag, waving it in the air briefly before rushing to Drew.

Once there, Zaniya held up her name tag for the camera and audience to see as Drew assured her that he wouldn’t forget her name.

“I won’t forget your name. We’ll get you another name tag later for a souvenir,” he said.

The Price is Right

Lillian and Drew Carey had a laugh about his education on The Price is Right[/caption]

The Price is Right

Drew Carey, seen hosting The Price is Right, has undergone a dramatic transformation[/caption]


The Price is Right host has shed 80 pounds[/caption]

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