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“The moveset is perfect, damage is ridiculous, and it looks awesome”: You’re Making Life Difficult by Ignoring the Best Elden Ring DLC Weapon

Spoiler Alert!
This article contains spoilers for Elden Ring’s Shadow of The Erdtree DLC

The arrival of the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC brought a plethora of new content for players to explore. The DLC features a completely new world filled with new quests, lore, items, and of course, weapons!

Among the many new weapons is the Rakshasa’s Great Katana. Fans of katanas will be impressed with this weapon thanks to its impressive design and damage. Despite its power, getting it isn’t easy and requires going through hidden paths and defeating a boss.

You Need to Try This Weapon in Elden Ring’s Shadow of The Erdtree DLC

Elden Ring's Shadow of The Erdtree DLC introduces several new weapons.
Elden Ring’s Shadow of The Erdtree DLC introduces several new weapons. | Image Credit: FromSoftware

To get the Rakshasa’s Great Katana, players have to defeat a hidden boss named Rakshasa, located deep within the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. 

This boss is located deep within the Shadow Keep and the path to it is a challenging one so be prepared and good luck.

One of the game’s popular YouTubers, Ziostorm even posted about this weapon and called it an easy favorite for him.

Many players in the Elden Ring Reddit have praised its balanced moveset and devastating attack power, making it a versatile choice for various combat scenarios. 

byu/Toaist from discussion

The weapon’s unique Ash of War ability, which allows for swift, sweeping attacks, is particularly effective in crowd control situations, giving it an edge over many other weapons introduced in the DLC.

byu/Toaist from discussion

In PvP, the weapon shines with its hyper armor and formidable attack power, allowing users to withstand and retaliate against multiple opponents.

Its ability to poise through attacks and deliver devastating blows makes it a favorite among players who enjoy high-risk, high-reward combat styles.

For players focusing on builds, the optimal use of Rakshasa’s Great Katana involves investing heavily in dexterity, with strength as a secondary attribute. 

This weapon is one of many that fans have flocked to in the new DLC. The new additions seem to be a mixture of balanced damage and design.

The Weapon is Very High-Risk High-Reward So Be Prepared

This new Elden Ring DLC is an absolute banger.
This new DLC is an absolute banger. | Image Credit: FromSoftware

Despite its advantages, Rakshasa’s Great Katana is not without its challenges. Some players have pointed out the penalty to counterattacks and the necessity to learn its timing for optimal use.

byu/BroccoliHeadAzz from discussion

The weapon also passively reduces your damage negation by 10% while you are attacking. While this is a slight risk, the game has several damage negation buffs that are widely used and should cancel it out.

If you find the DLC to be difficult with this weapon, then fret not as there are plenty other options to pick from.

The community’s response to Rakshasa’s Great Katana has been overwhelmingly positive. 

Its combination of aesthetics, damage output, and versatile moveset make it a standout choice in the DLC.

Are you having a blast like the rest of us in Elden Ring’s Shadow of The Erdtree DLC? Let us know in the comments!

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