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“The internet blown up…”: From Fortnite to Roblox, Xbox Live to Call of Duty, the Gaming Apocalypse Is Happening in Front of Us

A lot of people are currently facing problems with Xbox Live, Call of Duty Online, Fortnite, Roblox, and Overwatch, among many others. Since yesterday, Downdetector, a platform that monitors such issues, has been indicating a mass outbreak of services being hindered due to unknown reasons.

The gaming apocalypse is here, and it took Xbox Live as its first hostage. Similar reports were shared by many users using platforms other than Downdetector, which has all but confirmed that servers are struggling. A lot of services are seen to be affected and not everyone has owned up to it, so nothing can be said with full confidence about the exact problem.

Xbox Live Was Down for Nearly 7 Hours

Xbox Logo
Xbox Live services were down for almost 7 hours yesterday. Image Credit: Xbox

Xbox Live, Microsoft’s multiplayer gaming and digital media network, suffered major outrage on Tuesday, with many users reporting problems accessing it. The problem spiked at about 2:15 p.m. ET Tuesday, according to monitoring site Downdetector. In just 10 minutes, more than 20,000 user reports were registered, with more than three-fourths facing problems with logging in.

Many other Microsoft-operated services, including Minecraft, Fortnite, Roblox, and Call of Duty Online, also had high levels of user reports on Downdetector. There were a lot of people who shared their concerns via X.

Another user said:

Some users shared a ‘prophecy’ that there might be something wrong with the DNS servers but nothing was officially confirmed by Xbox. Xbox support team, however, was prompt with addressing the issue and they said:

Xbox was in continuous touch through their social media handles and kept their users in loop with what was happening in real-time, which was comforting for some as it felt like the services were down forever.

However, things have gotten back to normal after what felt like a huge disaster befalling us, the support team at Xbox Live was prompt and managed to resolve the issue; they did take time but managed to deliver good results in the end and we can hope for smooth gaming in the future with these problems being reduced to a bare minimum.

The Good Old Days of Offline Gaming

Xbox Series X console advertisement.
Other services along with Xbxo Live have been glitching for over a day and players are worried. Image Credit: Xbox

In today’s day and age, online and live gaming have taken over the world, and almost every game requires you to have an internet connection. This way, everything remains on the cloud or a server on the internet, which requires regular maintenance, whereas offline gaming is a one-time purchase with the same lifetime benefits and minimum problems.

One user shared their opinion on the matter via X. They said:

Offline gaming should be normalized and given the status it deserves. There is still time to hold on to the little fragments and save what is left of it. A place where not all games will require an active internet connection to install will surely help during what conspired against Microsoft yesterday.

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