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“The game is 10x more boring without it”: Valorant’s Removal of 1 Feature is Proving Controversial

Valorant is so much fun with its communicative aspect. The game’s huge success is based on team-based tactical gameplay, for which communication is the key. For example, instructing the players to rotate or rush onto the other site.

Among all of these, many players don’t like to use their microphones. Although there is a dialogue wheel for them to communicate with other players with the pre-existing radio voice emotes. However, the absence of one emote is surely ruining the fun of the game.

Valorant Has Removed the ”Quiet” Emote

Valorant dialogue wheel.
Valorant has brought some changes to the voice commands dialogue wheel. | Image Credit: Riot Games.

In the 8.11 update of Valorant, Riot had made some changes to the radio commands. The radio command wheel comes up with all the available commands when the comma key is pressed. On the other hand, upon pressing the Z key, a menu of these options pops up. So, an update to this useful feature can be crucial.

However, there is no individual announcement on which command emotes were removed and which new command emotes were added. Amongst this, the fan-favorite ”Quiet” emote is gone. This is what the developers had to say about the removal of some of the radio commands:

We’ve also removed some less useful commands to make the wheels as quick and easy to use as possible while making sure the most important commands are easy to access.

Talking about changes, Riot has implemented some new ways for teammates to strategize and communicate in the game:

  • New Strategy Wheels during the Buy Phase
  • Unique Strategy Wheels for Attackers and Defenders
  • New Commands Wheel on the Megamap
  • Updated options on existing Command Wheels
  • Updated VO on the existing Commands Menu (PC only)
  • Streamlined wheels to feature the most important command options

The new changes in the radio commands are surely going to make the gameplay better for the fans, but some are going to miss their favorite ones.

Fans Find Valorant Boring with the ”Quiet” Emote

Quiet" emote in Valorant
Fans want the “Quiet” emote to be back in Valorant. | Image Credit: Riot Games.

Recently, a fan expressed his dissatisfaction over the removal of the ‘Quiet’ voice command emote from Valorant. He thinks the game has become ten times boring without it. We have seen players constantly blabbering with the dialogue wheel through random voice commands, and that too in different situations.

Bring back the “Quiet” emote
byu/Comfortable-Move9065 inVALORANT

In these kinds of circumstances, the quiet emote used to come in pretty handy. Riot has stated previously that it is going to remove “some less useful” commands, but fans think there’s no way the ”Quiet” emote was less useful.

The emote was also useful in situations like flanking or slow-stacking a site silently when a single player is taking a fake entry on the other site to catch defenders off-guard. There are players who tend to run with the knife, no matter what.

Although the game right now has the “Let’s play slow” voice emote for players like them, but it never felt like “Be quiet” in the deep voices of Sage or Reyna.

Do you also miss the ”Quiet” voice command emote in Valorant? Let us know some of your funny stories behind this emote in the comment section.

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