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“The effectivity won’t last forever”: Eiichiro Oda Debunks Theory About the New Joy Girl Bonney and Her Devil Fruit Power

One of the biggest manga creators in the world, Eiichiro Oda, has outdone himself with the current One Piece storyline in the Egghead Island arc. Fans never expected so many twists in the same arc, one after another, and there are a lot of things that the narrative has yet to cover, which means the story is only going to get more and more exciting.

Jewelry Bonney
Jewelry Bonney in One Piece | Toei Animation

However, the biggest twist that Oda introduced in Egghead was always Jewelry Bonney turning into Nika. Although hints about it were already given, no one expected her to completely transform into the Sun God and look just like Luffy. Not only that, even her attacks are spectacularly similar to Luffy’s Gear 5 mode.

All of the mysteries about Bonney’s transformation into Nika lie within her Devil Fruit abilities, and although fans have seen her use these abilities, they are still not quite sure about how they work. But recently, Oda explained a big theory about Bonney’s Devil Fruit that makes a lot of things clear for One Piece fans.

Eiichiro Oda Explains Jewelry Bonney’s Devil Fruit Powers

In SBS Volume 109, the One Piece creator was asked about Jewelry Bonney’s Devil Fruit and whether she could use it to manipulate her age forever, stopping her from dying of old age. The answer was translated and shared by @pewpiece on X. Oda revealed that although the question is intriguing, it was already answered by Bonney herself in One Piece chapter 1072.

Oda stated:

So that’s how you think about it? But in Chapter 1072, Bonney said this: “When it comes to living things, the effectivity won’t last forever…” so at some point, the effects will come undone.

According to the manga creator, in chapter 1072, when Bonney was attacking Dr. Vegapunk, she turned him into a small child, and Vegapunk asked her to transform him back into his current age.

Bonney Explaining Her Powers | Viz Media
Bonney Explaining Her Powers | Viz Media

That is when Bonney reveals that the effectiveness of her powers doesn’t last long on living things. This means that even if Bonney tries to manipulate her age, she won’t be able to do it for a long time.

The Complexities of Bonney’s Devil Fruit

Jewelry Bonney’s Devil Fruit powers are certainly unique, as she didn’t receive them the traditional way. These abilities were injected into her as an extract by Saint Jaygarcia Saturn. The Devil Fruit is the Age-Age Fruit, and it is a paramecia type. Eiichiro Oda has properly used the concept of aging through this Devil Fruit in One Piece.

Jewelry Bonney’s Powers
Jewelry Bonney’s Powers | Viz Media

Not only do Bonney’s Devil Fruit abilities manipulate the age of others and herself, but they can also transform inanimate objects. Also, she can use her powers to make her opponents experience death for a short amount of time. This ability is called Near Death Experience, and it turns her opponents into skeletons.

While these abilities are unique, there is one more power of her Devil Fruit, which is the most complex one. It is called the Distorted Future, and it allowed Bonney to turn into Nika. Distorted Future helps Bonney transform herself into a future version that she can imagine or believe in. She needs to have a firm belief in the future if she wants to transform into it.

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