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The Bear Season 4: The Most Surprising Season 3 Cameo Can End Bradley Cooper’s Award Drought But at a Great Cost to the Show

The Emmy-winning FX comedy-drama, The Bear, returned for its third season, featuring appearances from prominent figures in the food world. However, it was Bradley Cooper’s notable cameo of his character from his 2015 film Burnt that caught everyone’s attention.

Jeremy Allen White was very happy with the unique structure of episode 1 of The Bear season 3 | FX
The Bear Season 3 | Credit: FX

The season 3 finale of the show features a brief glimpse of Cooper as the two-star Michelin chef Adam Jones. The unexpected cameo has sparked questions for the upcoming season of the show, about the further involvement of the Hollywood star, which could be a significant issue for the show’s cast.

Bradley Cooper’s Burnt Character Makes a Brief Appearance in The Bear Season 3

The Bear Season 3 featured some notable cameos from both the culinary and Hollywood worlds, with appearances like Josh Hartnett and John Cena. And the series finale, which features Olivia Colman as Chef Terry, also adds on a much recognizable chef from the 2015 film Burnt.

The Bear Season 3 | Credit: FX
The Bear Season 3 | Credit: FX

Chef Terry, the executive chef at Ever, decides to close the restaurant, Ever, due to ongoing stress, opting to end her career on her own terms. When Jeremy Allen White’s Carmy arrives at the dinner service he witnesses a collage honoring colleagues who worked with Chef Terry.

Among the faces in the collage is Bradley Cooper’s character from the 2015 film Burnt, Adam Jones, a driven chef striving for his third Michelin star. With no details surrounding the surprise appearance, it has raised numerous questions among fans.

Bradley Cooper's Adam Jones from Burnt is featured in The Bear season 3 | The Weinstein Company
Bradley Cooper in Burnt | Credit: The Weinstein Company

Questions arise whether this cameo is a nod to the film Burnt itself or if Adam Jones had a prior connection with Carmy. This ambiguity has even led to theories suggesting a shared universe between The Bear and Burnt.

And with no official confirmation or details surrounding the character, fans are left wondering about Adam Jones’s potential role in The Bear Season 4, slated for release next year.

Speculations Surrounding Bradley Cooper’s Appearance in The Bear Season 4

Directed by John Wells, the 2015 film Burnt follows Cooper as a chef, whose career spiraled due to personal struggles. And it has not been the best film of Bradley Cooper’s career, with a 28% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Burnt | Credit: The Weinstein Company

Despite the stark contrast in reception between the film and the series, speculation persists about the potential shared universe between them. This has further led to the possibility of Adam and Carmy potentially having connections, akin to Will Poulter’s appearance in the show.

Introduced in Season 2, Poulter portrays a pastry chef and former colleague of Carmy in the series and returns in the Season 3 finale. Hints from Adam and Carmy’s backgrounds suggest a possible prior encounter, with Adam primarily being in London during the events of Burnt and Carmy notably spending some time in Europe.

However, there are no further details potentially connecting the two characters. Bradley Cooper joining Season 4 of The Bear seems improbable but not impossible, given the series’ history of featuring several Hollywood heavyweights.

Ayo Edebiri is going to make her directorial debut
The Bear | Credit: FX Networks

Cooper, celebrated for his versatile roles, is no stranger to critical acclaim, but his recent projects have left him without significant award recognition. And the Emmy-winning series could reinvigorate his career and potentially break his award drought, injecting fresh interest into both his portfolio and the show.

However, the potential cameo also raises concerns about the show’s integrity and thematic consistency. An A-list star like Cooper’s cameo could overshadow the show’s core narrative along with its cast. Whether the cameo proves to be a game-changer or a fleeting distraction remains to be seen, but one thing is certain; it has ignited a fervent discussion among fans.

The Bear is available to stream on Hulu.

Burnt is available to stream on Netflix. 

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