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“Thank God we still got him here with us”: Jamie Foxx Says He Was “Gone For 20 Days” and Doesn’t Remember Anything From His Health Struggle, Fans Show Concern

Last year, Jamie Foxx was hospitalized due to an undisclosed medical complication which was announced by his daughter, Corrine Foxx. She took to her Instagram to update the actor’s fans on his health and stated that he “experienced a medical complication” on April 11. Thankfully, Corinne Foxx also clarified that her father was already on the road to recovery.

Jamie Foxx and Corinne Foxx
Jamie Foxx with his daughter, Corinne Foxx (via Corinne Foxx’s Instagram)

Now, more than a year later, Jamie Foxx has opened up about what happened to him. The actor was seen talking to a group of people where he shared his story revealing that he was “gone for 20 days,” and has no memory of what actually happened.

Jamie Foxx Recalls His Health Scare

Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx in Django Unchained (2012) | Columbia Pictures

Corinne Foxx’s news scared a lot of Jamie Foxx’s fans who had no idea what was actually going on with the actor. Now, he is finally spilling the secrets. Foxx was spotted standing in the middle of a small gathering in the streets of downtown Phoenix, where he was recalling the incident from April 2023.

Foxx can be heard saying that it all started with a headache for which he took an Advil for. The next thing he knew, he was gone for twenty days and woke up with no recollection of what happened whatsoever.

The Django Unchained actor stated,

Aprill 11 last year, [I had] a bad headache, asked my boy for an Advil [snaps his fingers], I was gone for 20 days.

He then went on to talk about how he was taken to the doctor by his sister and daughter. The first doctor they paid a visit to just gave him a cortisone shot which is used to relieve pain in specific areas.

Luckily, they decided to take a second opinion but what the second doctor said was enough to scare even the bravest.

So, I’m in Atlanta, my sister and my daughter took me to the first doctor. He said nah, gave me a cortisone shot. Next doctor said, ‘Something’s going on up there [points to his head].’ I won’t say it on camera.

Again, Foxx has left us stranded without actually revealing what the health scare was actually about. Well, we are just glad the actor has recovered!

Fans React to Jamie Foxx’s Story

Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx in Day Shift (2022) | Netflix

After hearing from Foxx about the events of April 11, 2023, fans were both shocked and happy to see him doing much better. Many of them believe the actor suffered through a stroke or a brain aneurysm.

Others were curious about the Advil given to Foxx by his friend but most of them were just relieved that Foxx was doing better.

Take a look at how fans reacted to him telling one of the scariest stories of his life:

After his first public appearance following his hospitalization in December 2023, the Day Shift actor revealed that he couldn’t “actually walk” 6 months prior. He went on to add that he doesn’t wish whatever happened to him on his worst enemy.

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