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Superstar Princess Charlotte REALLY rules the nest over Prince George and Louis at home – here’s why, says expert

ALL eyes are on the adorable royal children when they step out in public, but it’s Princess Charlotte who is the “superstar”, according to a royal expert.

Speaking on The Sun’s Royal Exclusive show, former royal correspondent Charles Rae claimed that the young princess “rules the nest” over Prince George and Prince Louis.


Princess Charlotte is the ‘superstar’ out of the Wales family children, according to a former royal correspondent[/caption]


We’ve often seen Charlotte playfully telling off her siblings, such as Prince Louis at the Jubilee[/caption]


We last saw Princess Charlotte and Prince George at the Taylor Swift Eras Tour at Wembley[/caption]

We last saw Princess Charlotte, nine, at the Taylor Swift Eras Tour with Prince William, 42, and Prince George, 10, at Wembley Stadium on June 21.

The young kids looked delighted as they posed for a selfie with the singer herself.

Charles told The Sun’s Royal Editor Matt Wilkinson: “I think it was really great to see him with George and Charlotte. 

“It was especially great as well as the selfies that came out after Taylor Swift. 

“And obviously, her boyfriend [Travis Kelce] was very enamoured with young Charlotte because she was the one who seemed to be asking all the questions.

“It just goes to show that Charlotte with the three of them together, she is the one who rules that nest make no mistake about it.”

We’ve seen Princess Charlotte keeping her brothers in check during public appearances in the past.

At Trooping the Colour on June 15, the young royal was seen playfully telling little brother Louis to ‘stop’ as he enthusiastically danced to the music.

Lip reader Gaby Lane told The Sun that she also spotted a cute moment with Louis and sister Charlotte as she told him to “put your hands down” during the national anthem.

And prior to this, we saw Charlotte appear to remind Prince George about official protocol at the Queen’s funeral in 2022.

Trooping the Colour was Kate’s first public appearance since her cancer diagnosis and according to body language expert Judi James, Charlotte was keen to step-up to support her mum.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Judi explains: “Charlotte seems to be acting as Kate’s wing-woman here, which is so sweet.

“There were strong hints that Charlotte is the child primarily protecting and supporting Kate at this event. 

“Sitting opposite her mother she performed the kind of body language rituals that Kate would normally have done, smiling over her shoulder at the crowds and waving with enthusiasm. Like Kate, her smile was almost constant.


Princess Charlotte also gently corrected Prince Louis when he danced at Trooping the Colour[/caption]


Body language expert Judi James said Charlotte’s birthday photo showed her ‘leadership’[/caption]


Watch our video above for our Royal Exclusive chat with Charles Rae[/caption]

“When they got out of their carriage the three children got out first to form a sweet and very touching line facing their mother, almost to greet her as she alighted with an air of caution.

“The two boys turned to lead the way inside but Charlotte movingly performed the kind of military turn you would see on the parade ground, her hair flying out, looking for all the world as though she was Kate’s personal guard of honour.”

As Kate and her three children assembled at the window of Buckingham Palace, Judi remarked that Charlotte’s support is unwavering.

She added: “Again though the non-verbal signals suggest Charlotte has stepped up to help take over some of her mum’s public role. 


Confident Princess Charlotte giggled with cousin Mia Tindall on Christmas Day[/caption]


Body language expert Judi said Charlotte could be a ‘a very popular leader in life’[/caption]


Royal fans spotted Charlotte’s spooky resemblance with another family member during Trooping the Colour[/caption]


Fans said they couldn’t believe the strong resemblance between Charlotte and her late grandmother Diana[/caption]

“She stands at the front of the group next to Louis and her beaming smile as she looks down on the parade ground suggests she has mirrored her mother’s famous techniques. 

“We can even see her whispering from the side of her mouth to warn Lois to stand straight and she straightens to pay attention herself for the playing of the national anthem.

“George stands directly in front of Kate looking more distracted, turning his head to the side as though keen to keep his mother within his peripheral vision.

“But Kate is still very much ‘mummy’ here. Louis turns to look up at her and she bends to whisper into his ear and to chat to Charlotte.”

Judi previously said Charlotte’s ninth birthday photo revealed signs about her natural “leadership.”

She added: “Her head tilt though shows a desire to be liked, too, suggesting a mix of personality traits that could make her a very popular leader in life.”

The poignant meaning behind Princess Charlotte’s name

PRINCESS Charlotte was born on May 2, 2015, at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, and we’ve seen her grow into a sweet “mini-me” of mum, Kate.

She was brought into the world in the infamous Lindo Wing, and weighed 8lbs 3oz.

Her full name – Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Wales – has some very sentimental ties.

Her middle names are those of both her late grandmother, Princess Diana, and her late great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II.

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