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Super Bowl 2025 Halftime Show act ‘leaked’ online – but NFL fans fume over snub for New Orleans star being snubbed

RUMORS of a potential 2025 Super Bowl halftime show are circling online.

Fans have shared mixed opinions about the choice of performer, but nothing is official yet.


It is rumored that Miley Cyrus will perform at the 2025 Super Bowl halftime show[/caption]

Jackson State University via Get

Usher performed at this year’s Super Bowl[/caption]

According to Twitter user MLFootball, Miley Cyrus has been chosen to headline the Super Bowl halftime show in 2025.

The account said that Cyrus was a finalist to perform at last year’s halftime show.

Of course, Usher was instead chosen to perform and delivered a fan-favorite performance.

While nothing is official yet, fans were quick to share their thoughts about the choice.

“Respectfully I decline,” one fan said.

“The NFL keeps taking Half-Time show L’s,” another fan said.

“Please no,” a third fan said.

“We don’t want that,” a fourth fan said.

Many fans shared the same opinion about a different performer they wanted to see at the halftime show.

“We want Lil Wayne,” one fan said.

The Super Bowl is being hosted in New Orleans this year, and Lil Wayne is a rapper local to the area.

Lil Wayne has previously expressed his desire to get on stage at the Super Bowl.

“[I want it] just as bad as I wanted to see my name at the top of that list when I was whatever age it was that I would bust into that office and get that Billboard magazine,” he said last year.

“I know for a fact that when I do the Louisiana Fest, that there’s like, a trillion people.

“And being in front of my city and seeing that many people is amazing. So to know that a Super Bowl would be…what?!

“Going to the Super Bowl before and watching the halftime show and wishing, when you see the artist, you’re like, they could’ve sung the song that I was featured on.

“I’m featured on everybody’s song. You could’ve brought me out!”

The NFL hasn’t made any official announcements about the halftime show, so it is still possible that Lil Wayne could be chosen to perform.


Fans aren’t thrilled with Cyrus being chosen as the performer[/caption]

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