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“Someone has to say it. We need content”: Not a New Warbond or Stratagem, the Tides are Turning as Players Want More From Helldivers 2

Saying Helldivers 2 was a massive success is an understatement, as it created a buzz with its immersive graphics and chaotic, yet engaging, combat. Players were captivated by the game’s world and its various mechanics.

The title has seen many ups and downs within 6 months of its launch, but has created a passionate and dedicated player base. However, now even those players are asking Arrowhead for more content, not just new weapons or stratagems.

Helldivers 2’s Community Demands More Diverse Content

Image of Helldivers 2 soldier firing their weapon towards an explosion.
The community wants more diverse content in future updates, not just new weapons or stratagems | Image Credit: Arrowhead Game Studio

Helldivers 2 inherited most things that made the original game a hit, intense cooperative missions, a wide variety of weapons and stratagems, and even chaotic battles against various alien enemies.

However, it added new environments, new weapons, and even new missions that not only made the gameplay experience better but also created fresh scenarios for players to liberate many planets.

As time passes and new updates are rolled out, players are voicing their concerns and desire for content that is not repetitive. Simply put, they don’t want tasks to include just using a new stratagem, they want a new type of mission.

After liberating countless planets for Super Earth and spreading democracy, players are hungry for new types of missions that challenge them with more than just diverse enemies.

This has become an active concern of the community and they are discussing it on many social media platforms and gaming forums. One of the recent threads has gained attention, where Reddit User, Dry_Mixture_257, expressed his feelings about the game and various things to be added to the game.

Someone has to say it
byu/Dry_Mixture_257 inHelldivers

Most agree with the sentiment and are saying they want more mission types.

byu/Dry_Mixture_257 from discussion

While some are saying that before adding content, they first need to fix their existing issues.

byu/Dry_Mixture_257 from discussion

These comments highlight modern gaming, where players want more content that can keep up with the demand but also maintain the quality. Developers have to find a balance between updates and expansions which will help them sustain player engagement over the long term.

Fans Have High Expectations For Arrowhead Game Studios

Image of a Helldivers 2 soldier in battle.
Arrowhead has a reputation for listening to player’s feedback | Image Credit: Arrowhead Game Studios

Arrowhead Game Studios has a good history of supporting their titles and listening to feedback. With Helldivers 2, the studio has shown time and time again that they are willing to commit to the cause and expand the game’s world with new ideas.

As for now, the community has to wait and can only hope that the studio will be responsive and change its approach in future updates. This highlights that players still have faith for the game and its developers to do the right thing (create diverse content).

In the end, the journey of Helldivers 2 is just starting and players still have many planets to liberate as democracy can not spread itself.

What enemy do you hate the most in Helldivers 2? How do you believe the game could be improved? Let us know in the comment section below.

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