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Shadow Of The Erdtree bosses beaten by saxophone and a dance mat

Elden Ring content creator Dr Decomposing beats final boss in Shadow Of The Erdtree with a saxphone
Look away if you’re struggling to beat Elden Ring (YouTube)

Content creators keep finding ever more ridiculous ways to beat Elden Ring and Shadow Of The Erdtree, including an actual dance-off.

Elden Ring’s highly anticipated, and critically acclaimed, expansion Shadow Of The Erdtree has reignited its player base and managed to sell 5 million copies in just three days.

FromSoftware’s titles have always attracted creative gamers, who like to play games in very unconventional ways, which has lead to content creators taking on the uncompromising role-player by increasingly ridiculous means.

We can now add beating the final boss in Shadow Of The Erdtree using a saxophone, and slaying others with a dance pad, to the ever-growing list of ways fans have beaten the game.

‘Everyone was telling me how utterly impossible the final boss of Shadow Of The Erdtree was going to be. Outrageous move set, impossible dodges, etc.

‘It only took me a dozen attempts on the saxophone,’ Elden Ring maestro Dr Decomposing said on Twitter.

He added a video showing how he did it, and it’s as ridiculous – and impressive – as it sounds.

Another content creator who’s back on the Elden Ring grind is MissMikka, who had previously beat the game’s toughest boss, Malenia, using a dance mat.

This time the streamer beat the Divine Beast Dancing Lion boss with her dance mat, and it only took her two tries.

These are only the most recent examples of fans playing Elden Ring in highly unusual ways.

UK streamer Perrikaryal has beaten several bosses in Shadow Of The Erdtree in the past week, but with actual mind control. Using an electroencephalogram headset connected to her computer, she thinks certain thoughts that trigger moves in the game.

Last week, one streamer with spinal muscular atrophy, unable to use his hands while playing, floored fans by beating Malenia with nothing but his voice – although it took over 2,500 attempts.

We’re not done yet, because another streamer, Silithur, also deserves a mention as he beat Elden Ring using Morse code (and ended up in a weird dispute with none other than Elon Musk).

The list of ridiculous but amusing ways fans play Elden Ring keeps growing and hopefully it will never ends because it’s very entertaining and impressive – even though it makes others who can’t beat the game normally feel even worse.

Streamer Silithur beat Elden Ring using Morse code on Twitch
Streamer Silithur beat Elden Ring using Morse code then owned Elon Musk on Twitter (Twitch)

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