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Rishi says Tories ‘haven’t got everything right’ but choice at election is ‘clear’

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak visiting DCS Group in Oxfordshire
Prime Minister Rishi Sunak visiting DCS Group in Oxfordshire yesterday (Picture: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire)

Rishi Sunak has said the choice at tomorrow’s General Election is ‘a clear one’, although he understands the ‘frustration’ voters might have with him and the Conservatives.

In an exclusive article for Metro – responding to Labour leader Keir Starmer’s, published two weeks ago – the prime minister outlined his party’s pitch to the country.

Referencing the Tories’ election slogan, he writes: ‘Bold action is needed to build a secure future, and so is a government with a clear plan.

‘The Conservatives have a plan to cut your taxes, bolster our security and spread opportunity across the whole country.’

Sunak added: ‘Labour have no plan, apart from raising the tax burden to the highest level in history.’

The PM’s party has been languishing in the polls for months, with Labour holding onto a comfortable 20-point lead throughout the election campaign – with only slight dips accompanying the rise of Reform UK.

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Several projections in the past month have suggested Labour will storm to victory with a very large majority in the House of Commons.

Labour leader Keir Starmer
Voters should avoid handing Keir Starmer a ‘supermajority’ in parliament, Sunak said (Picture: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Sunak said this means ‘the choice at this election is a clear one’.

‘Labour with a supermajority, unchecked power and no accountability would do irreversible damage to our country,’ he wrote.

Despite the polls, the PM said the result on Friday is ‘not a foregone conclusion’, and referred to research that suggested just 130,000 voters changing their minds in key seats around the country could lead to a hung parliament.

But he acknowledged that many voters are not happy with his party, writing: ‘I understand the frustration with me and with the Conservatives.

‘We have been through difficult times. Covid and then the spike in energy prices following Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has made life tough for everyone.

‘We haven’t got everything right and it took tough decisions to stabilise the public finances, but economic stability is returning.’

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