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Returnal 2? HouseMarque Go Big for Next Game as Listings Prove They’re Not Messing About

The hype regarding Returnal 2 is huge right now. Returnal amassed a huge fanbase when it was launched in 2021, fans praised the roguelike third-person shooting environment. So, a loud cheer for the sequel to the game is quite obvious.

Despite high anticipation, the sequel to this highly desired PlayStation-exclusive title wasn’t announced in the recently concluded State of Play. However, there is a sneak peek now from the studio, Housemarque, which might lead to the reality of our dreams.

Is Returnal 2 in the Cards?

Poster from Retural 2 of Selene Vassos standing in front of cracked space helmets.
Fans are waiting for Returnal 2 with high anticipation. (Image Credit: HouseMarque)

As of now, there is not much talk about one of the highly anticipated sequels in the gaming world right now. But HouseMarque has sparked a fire of excitement among fans. The Finnish developing studio has put up a job posting on LinkedIn for the position of Senior Game Designer.

It might look like a normal job posting from the PlayStation-owned studio, but the job description says the company is looking for someone who will be responsible for designing, prototyping, and implementing enemies for a new AAA Action game.

Seeing the job post, it appears that the upcoming title will be built in Unreal Engine as well, just like Returnal. This is what the company states in the posting:

We are looking for a senior game designer focusing on enemy and boss design for our next big game!

The studio has also said that the senior game designer will be working with a talented and passionate team of artists, programmers, animators, and designers who were all behind the development of Returnal.

So, all these aspects of the job posting seem to only point in one direction. There are high chances that this so-called “next big game” can be the highly anticipated sequel to Returnal. However, this highly anticipated title has been teased before.

We Almost Got Returnal 2 in April

Poster from Returnal 2 of Selene Vassos standing in front of a light beam.
Returnal 2 was about to be unveiled in April. (Image Credit: HouseMarque)

On April 30, the first big game of the company was released, which was Returnal. So, 2024 was going to be the third anniversary of the title. Many believed the next game would be unveiled to commemorate the occasion.

That’s why on April 29, HouseMarque posted a cryptic tweet from its official handle. This tweet had an image that featured Returnal protagonist Selene’s eyes in shattered glass. But the most interesting part of that image was the word “tomorrow” next to it.

So, several gamers thought the long wait had come to an end. Many thought it could be a hint of another DLC for the game after the huge success of Ascension in 2022.

However, the company had other ideas. The next day, it unveiled a graphic novel called Returnal: Fallen Asteria, which was made in collaboration with the popular publisher, Dark Horse Comics. This novel will delve deeper into the Returnal universe when it is released on October 22, 2024.

Are you also waiting for Returnal 2 as well? Will you be reading the graphic novel? Let us know your thoughts about this highly anticipated title in the comment section below.

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