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Real Hawk Tuah girl Hailey Welch debunks myths in first interview as she reveals all about who she actually is

HAILEY Welch, who became known for her “hawk tuah” comment in a viral TikTok video, has cleared the air about her identity.

The 21-year-old rose to fame after a clip from her street interview with creators Tim & Dee TV made a splash on social media.

YouTube/Plan Bri Uncut

Hailey Welch, known as Hawk Tuah Girl, sits down with podcaster Bri Lapaglia to debunk rumors regarding her job and family[/caption]

TikTok/ iamdlaney

Hailey Welch’s interview clip with Tim & DeeTV went viral after she made a shocking ‘hawk tuah’ comment during a night out in Nashville[/caption]

YouTube/Plan Bri Uncut

Hailey Welch sits next to her friend, who was also present in the now-viral video, as the two talk about future plans[/caption]

Hailey, known as Hawk Tuah Girl, sat down in her first interview with Brianna Lapaglia on her Plan Bri podcast on Monday.

During their chat, Hailey debunked some of the rumors floating around about her after the video went viral last month.

To start, Hailey explained that she had attended CMA Fest in Nashville, Tennessee, the night the video was taken, when she was approached by the TikTokers shortly after.

While Hailey admitted she had been drinking, she said she was just joking when making the comment and “didn’t mean anything by it.”

It was only two days after being interviewed that she noticed the moment had gone viral.


Hailey confirmed she worked in a spring factory and was never a school teacher, despite some news outlets reporting that she had been fired from her teaching job because of the video.

“I’m not even old enough to be a teacher,” Hailey said, also adding that she isn’t a bartender either despite rumors.

After the Barstool Sports podcaster mentioned online chatter about Hailey’s dad being a preacher, she responded, “My father is so far from a preacher it’s crazy.”

When asked what her parents think of her shocking viral moment, Hailey said they think it’s “so funny” and that they are used to never knowing what will come out of their daughter’s mouth.

However, the new social media star said there have also been some downsides to her newfound fame.

Hailey revealed that her milliner was recently offered $600 to get her to spit in a jar and sell it, which she called “revolting” and “disgusting.”

Hailey also said that she has gotten an abundance of “creepy” messages from men and has dealt with plenty of haters over the past few weeks.

“The people that are out here hatin’, I don’t even know ’em. So, what the f**k do I care?” she said.


In terms of moving on, the 21-year-old said she doesn’t want to solely be known as the Hawk Tuah Girl in the future.

Although Hailey dropped out of school “a year or two ago,” she also quit her job after becoming a viral sensation.

The people that are out here hatin’, I don’t even know ’em. So, what the f**k do I care?”

Hailey Welch

The Belfast, Tennessee native is now planning to travel to major cities in the US and wants to “be on a show and be on a bunch of podcasts and everything else in between.”

“There’s more to come, don’t worry,” Hailey added.

Hailey already made a major public appearance at Zach Bryan‘s concert in Nashville last week.

During the latest stop on his Quittin Time Tour on Saturday, the country music star brought Hailey onto the Nissan Stadium stage to help sing the encore Revival.

YouTube/Plan Bri Uncut

Hailey Welch tells the Barstool Sports podcaster that she worked at a spring factory and confirms that her dad is not a preacher[/caption]

TikTok/ iamdlaney

The Tennessee native tells viewers to ‘hawk tuah’ and ‘spit on that thang’ in a street interview following the CMA Fest[/caption]


The 21-year-old enjoys an iced coffee and panini while sitting outside in a recent Instagram snap[/caption]

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