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“Once or twice a week. I want my money back”: Xbox Network Goes Down as Fans Scream in Protest at Xbox Live’s Poor Stability

Despite being a rare occurrence throughout the year, a total meltdown of services provided by any game-providing platform can prove to be the key to disaster, throwing every gamer into panic as they begin to seek answers.

Something similar is going on with Microsoft’s Xbox Network right now, where many players have been denied access to the platform rendering many consoles and devices useless for those who wished to use the online features. And while the corporation was quick to issue a remark on the situation on social media, it seems to have worsened the situation for now.

‘Is Xbox Live Down?’ – Microsoft Responds Swiftly as Players Panic Around

Xbox Network might be in deep trouble as gamers panic around the platform outage
Xbox might be in deep trouble as gamers panic around the platform outage | Image Credit: Xbox

Xbox Network, often credited with being one of the biggest gaming platforms in the whole world being unavailable is no small deal, and the outcome of the same is pretty evident on social media platforms, as fans show their disappointment with the corp’s maintenance of their servers.

Remarking on the growing situation, the studio was quick to acknowledge how an official investigation has begun and things will be brought back on track as soon as possible, attaching with the message a link to their official server status website.

It also looks like the services will be suspended for an indefinite period, as the studio has revealed in a follow-up post how the said investigation is taking ‘longer than expected’, making fans lose their belief by the minute.

Unfortunately, despite the official announcement, distress remains stationary among fans, prompting some of them to consider asking for their money back after the latest meltdown.

While the status website has currently been updated to show the correct information, it was also pointed out by early-arriving fans how the said site ironically displayed that everything was in perfect running condition, despite the ongoing issues.

Why the Gaming Industry Might Be Taking a Step Backwards, Starting With Xbox Network

Japan hits new speed records that can download Baldur’s Gate 3 within the blink of an eye
Japan hits new speed records that can download Baldur’s Gate 3 within the blink of an eye | Image Credit: Larian Studio

With excellent innovation occurring in everyday life, including the introduction of internet speeds that can download a game like Baldur’s Gate 3 in just 4 milliseconds, one would consider challenges like server issues to be a thing of the past by now, which is unluckily not the case.

Fans now look forward to Xbox fixing the ongoing issue as soon as possible, so they can just move on with their day and boot up their favorite titles. There also remains no doubt that users will soon come knocking at the studio’s doorstep asking for a refund if problems like these continue to persist in the future.

Have you ever experienced a meltdown of your favorite gaming platform apart from Xbox? Make sure to let us know about it in the comments below!

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