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“Nothing to see here, just the best couple in TV history”: The Office Fans Will Still Get Teary Eyed Watching Steve Carell’s Flirty Moments With Amy Ryan

The Office is an American classic that has one of the largest and most devoted fan followings of any TV series that has ever been created. During the nine seasons of the show, the show has carved a special place in the hearts of the viewers, as it showcases relatable situations and characters that feature the absurdities of the workplace environment.

The Office became infectiously popular TV Series
The main cast of The Office. Credits: NBCUniversal, Inc

One of the memorable aspects of the show was Michael Scott and Holly Flax’s relationship. Though the two initially felt like they were two polar opposites of each other, as the story progressed, fans learned that Flax was the perfect counterpart for Scott’s absurdity and humor.

Their love story was perfect to balance the chaos taking place in Dunder Mifflin, and fans are in tears as they watch a reel showcasing the two flirting with each other.

Michael Scott and Holly Flax’s Relationship Was As Perfect As It Could Be

The US version of The Office first aired on March 24, 2005. Though it was a remake of the UK version, it quickly became a renowned name. Thanks to the absurdities featured in Dunder Mifflin. The characters of the show seemed extremely relatable, which added to its popularity.

Steve Carell became synonymous with his role of Michael Scott
Steve Carell as Michael Scott. Credits: NBCUniversal, Inc

Initially, the sitcom felt like a compilation of bizarre workplace pranks, but soon the writers decided to balance humor with love. Although fans love the romance between Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly, the flirty moments between Steve Carell’s Michael Scott and Amy Ryan’s Holly Flax often get the fans emotional.

Scott had a ton of disastrous romantic relationships in the series, and a majority of them were not just right for him. However, everything changed when he met the new HR representative, Holly Flax. The two were a great couple as they had a similar sense of humor, often making each other and viewers laugh out loud.

Michael Scott and Amy Ryan's relationship was hilarious yet so romantic
Steve Carell’s Michael Scott and Amy Ryan’s Holly Flax. Credits: NBCUniversal, Inc

Even after 11 years, fans cannot forget their relationship. A fan page (@theofficeaddict) shared a reel on Instagram featuring a flirty yet hilarious moment between them.

The moment was hilarious yet gave butterflies to its viewers, and it remained so memorable that it got the fans emotional as they left comments calling their relationship the best aspect of the show.

The Office Fans Are Teary-Eyed as They Watch The Flirty Moment Between The Two

In many ways, their relationship was good for each other, allowing them room to grow. Their relationship often made the fans crave such a connection, where they would make each other happy, have similar goals, and help each other achieve them.

Fans love their relationship as they often get emotional
A still from The Office. Credits: NBCUniversal, Inc

Their moment just showcased these traits, and John Krasinski’s Jim Halpert’s warm smile showcased that they were made for each other. The fans can’t get enough of them, as they adore their bond and have dropped comments that they still crave such a relationship.

@thedreamerswall commented, “This could’ve gone forever n ever ever if holly didn’t stop him”

@mio_6 commented, “Love how Michael was actually downcast and totally forgot his game when Holly said she couldn’t make it tonight”

@rs.khj commented, “Holly matching Michael’s freak, peak television.”

@samy.azzouz commented, “Nothing to see here, only the best couple in tv history”

@not_so_jaingirl commented, “The way Jim smiled. Everyone deserves a friend like Jim and a spouse like Holly.”

@angelpicasso_ commented, “I knew Micheal had found the one when they first met”

Though their relationship had its ups and downs, they overcame those obstacles as they joked around and supported each other. While everything was not perfect about them, the happiness they brought to one another was what made them the best on-screen couple.

The Office can be streamed on Peacock.

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