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“No one’s better than me, so whatever”: Robert Pattinson’s Reaction to Fiancée Suki Waterhouse Being in Touch With Her Ex-boyfriends

Robert Pattinson and fiancée Suki Waterhouse met each other six years ago at a ‘game night’ in LA. While the spark was there, it was quite some time later that their romance blossomed, and now six years later, here they are, engaged and parents to a beautiful girl. A favorite celebrity couple of fans, the duo have been going stronger than ever.

A furious Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne in The Batman
Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne in The Batman | DC Studios

Now six years later, so secure are they in their relationship that the Batman star doesn’t even mind his fiancée being in contact with her ex-flames and boyfriends.

Robert Pattinson Doesn’t Mind Fiancée Suki Waterhouse’s Relationship with Ex-Boyfriends

Suki Waterhouse (Source: Instagram)
Suki Waterhouse [Credit: Instagram | @sukiwaterhouse]

In a world where relationships often come with an end date, it is sweet to think that Robert Pattinson and English singer-songwriter and actress Suki Waterhouse have been together for six years now. First having met in LA, the duo hit it off from their first meeting, but only ended up dating six or seven months after.

Calling Pattinson quite funny, Waterhouse revealed some candid details about their relationship in a new cover story for British Vogue. Stating that living in LA has become more of a fun affair after meeting the Batman star, Waterhouse opened up about the chaos the last few months have been for her.

From getting pregnant to recording her album during the last months of her pregnancy to performing at Coachella right after giving birth, the actress-singer revealed how much of a support system Pattinson has been through all this time. Such is their bond, that Pattinson doesn’t even mind Waterhouse keeping in touch with her ex-boyfriends.

While speaking to British Vogue, the Persuasion star revealed how Pattinson has a lot of humor about ‘keeping in touch with the exes’ thing.

He couldn’t really give a shit. He’s like, ‘No one’s better than me, so whatever.’

Seeing his reaction, it is obvious just how comfortable and secure the two are with each other. After some tumultuous relationships and broken hearts, it is exhilarating for their fans to see how well they go with each other.

Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson First Met at a Games Night in LA

Robert Pattinson in The Rover
Robert Pattinson in The Rover | A24

Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson might have been together for six years now, but the details of their relationship have been scarce. While the two actors certainly deserve their privacy, fans have been dying to know how they met and eventually fell in love.

In her recent British Vogue cover story, Waterhouse revealed how she thinks they met way before one fateful day at an LA Games Night, although Pattinson doesn’t remember it. Whether he remembers it or not, it was the night six years ago in LA that sealed the deal.

It was very, very intense. There were lots of ‘big’ characters, real heavy hitters. Al Pacino was there. Javier and Penelope were there… and, you know, everyone was really acting.

States Waterhouse about the games night, as she goes on to reveal that the ‘uncomfortable-ness’ of being among such people made them get closer. Yet, it was running into each other again six or seven months after the fateful day did the two started going out.

While some would say it is fate, Suki Waterhouse can hardly believe it has been six years already with Robert Pattinson.

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