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“No one’s better than me, so whatever”: Robert Pattinson isn’t Bothered by Suki Waterhouse Still Singing About Her Ex-Lovers as Actor Exudes Major Batman Vibe

Forget brooding Batmans—Robert Pattinson’s real superpower might be chill. Suki Waterhouse’s new album may be a musical trip down memory lane, but Pattinson DGAF (doesn’t give a flying fig). Channeling his inner Batman with supreme confidence, he believes he’s better than everyone.

A furious Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne in The Batman
Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne in The Batman | DC Studios

Is this the secret sauce behind his on-screen charm? One thing’s for sure: Pattinson’s got confidence down to a smoldering art, cape or no cape.

Robert Pattinson Channels His Inner Batman With Epic Confidence: “No One’s Better Than Me”

Robert Pattinson in an eye-stare in Matt Reeves' The Batman
Robert Pattinson in Matt Reeves’ The Batman | DC Studios

The Batman hero, Robert Pattinson, is letting out a serious chill in real life. His fiancée, Suki Waterhouse, recently opened up about their relationship in British Vogue, and let’s just say, Mr. Pattinson is the absolute epitome of confidence.

Waterhouse, a songwriter, often references past relationships in her music. But according to her, Pattinson couldn’t care less. “He couldn’t really give a s–t,” she laughs. “He’s like, ‘No one’s better than me, so whatever’.” Mic drop, Pattinson. Mic drop.

This confident outlook extends beyond romance. Waterhouse reflects on her past high-profile relationships as “pretty sadistic,” filled with a “fetishisation” of love. Her 30s, however, have brought a delightful change. “You’re afforded a little bit more respect,” she says. “[Love] feels shockingly delightful.”

The couple, fresh-off engagement and new parents to an adorable girlie, met in an unlikely way—a star-studded game night in LA. Imagine a room with Al Pacino, Javier Bardem, and Penelope Cruz, all vying for attention. Waterhouse describes the scene as “intense” and “uncomfortable.” It was their shared dislike for pretentiousness that drew them together.

“We both sort of have the same slight uncomfortable-ness,” Waterhouse explains. Laughter, it seems, was their love language. They were eventually told off and separated, but fate (and six or seven months) had other plans.

Fast forward to today, and they’re a picture-perfect family. It looks like Pattinson’s charm extends beyond the silver screen. Maybe Bruce Wayne can take some notes on this kind of confidence.

Suki Waterhouse Opens Up About “Dark” Bradley Cooper Split, Pattinson’s Chill Vibe

Bradley Cooper's Adam Jones from Burnt is featured in The Bear season 3 | The Weinstein Company
Bradley Cooper’s Adam Jones from Burnt is featured in The Bear season 3 | The Weinstein Company

Suki Waterhouse is gracing the cover of British Vogue, but the interview goes beyond the usual glamor. The songwriter candidly describes how her breakup with Bradley Cooper was isolating and disorienting. “It took a decade to work myself out” after that rough patch, she admits,

You know, when something very public happens to you and the story behind it is dark and difficult, and you’re actually not doing well, and you can’t explain yourself to the world, that’s very isolating and disorienting.

Before dating Cooper, Suki dated Miles Kane (a British singer) and then dated Diego Luna (a musician). Suki, now happily engaged to Robert Pattinson and a new mom, says being constantly compared to Cooper’s new flame was “pretty rough.”

But Pattinson doesn’t care much. Unfazed by her exes, he knows nobody’s better than him. This relaxed attitude is a welcome change from her past. It seems Pattinson isn’t just charming on screen—his easy-going nature is a hit with fiancé Suki Waterhouse. 

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