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‘No one ever came,’ blasts Walmart shopper who couldn’t get help unlocking $6 item – as $14 products were up for grabs

A WALMART shopper has slammed the store after a new anti-theft measure stopped them from purchasing what they needed.

The customer revealed that despite trying to ring for a Walmart employee, no one ever helped her get what was behind the glass.

Facebook/Renee Herr

A Walmart shopper shared which in-store anti-theft measure meant she was not able to purchase the item she needed[/caption]


The customer said no member of Walmart staff came to help her (stock image)[/caption]

Renee Herr shared an image of locked glass doors that had covered rows of skincare and makeup wipes, on Facebook.

“Went to bobby Jones Walmart today….was greeted with these new things,” she wrote in the post.

This Augusta, Georgia, store had a button that was supposed to alert employees to help her, but she quickly realized no one was coming.

“Pressed the button 7 times(after 2 it became principal)….for $6 equate brand make up wipes,” she said.

“No one ever came. Mind you to the right is $14 deodorant.”

What made the experience worse for her was when she finally got to leave the store and was subjected to receipt checks.

Herr complained about an apparent double standard that she believed she saw on which items were looked at by staff.

“Help me make this make sense,” she said.

“Oh! And they wanted to check my receipt when I left…for the beer that was NOT locked up.”

Other customers felt the same revealing they no longer want to shop at Walmart due to the anti-theft policies and questionable customer service.

“Yep – Amazon or walmart.com it instead – nothing worse than wasting time at a store with awful customer service,” one person wrote in the post’s comments.

“I’d rather have it shipped to my door instead for basicaly the same price”

“Yup was there the other day and say all that. Won’t be trying to get any supplies like that there anymore knowing no one will come to open the case,” another person wrote.


Walmart customers have grown increasingly frustrated with the brand recently.

Anti-theft measures rolled out by retailers

Retailers across the US and Canada have rolled out strategies designed to combat theft. The U.S. Sun has compiled a list of measures that have been implemented at stores.

  • Locking items in cabinets.
  • Security pegs.
  • Security cameras.
  • Signs warning about the impact of theft.
  • Receipt scanners.
  • Receipt checks.
  • Carts with locking technology

Many have begun to complain about the size of the carts that were brought into the store, The U.S. Sun has previously reported.

“I’m 5’4″, and I hate the new carts! Makes my arms hurt so I try to get in and out as fast as possible.,” one shopper said.

“I have decided to do 80% of my grocery shopping at Publix.”

“Dear Walmart, please explain to me how a person who’s 5 feet tall or under can push those new high carts you so stupidly acquired,” another customer raged in a separate post.

“My arms and shoulders actually ached pushing that freak of a cart through the store!”

The U.S. Sun has reached out to Walmart for comment.

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