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Nexon’s The First Descendant Beats Stellar Blade to 2024’s Most Unnecessarily Naked Outfit

The First Descendant is a looter shooter by Nexon that was released on June 30, 2024. The game focuses on co-op and currently has favorable scores on Steam and Metacritic.

However, it seems like one of the characters in the game is receiving the spotlight for the same reason as Eve from Stelar Blade: her character design portrays her as scantily clad.

Stellar Blade Found Itself in the Middle of Controversy, and The First Descendant Could Be Next

Eve in a screenshot from a trailer of Stellar Blade.
Stellar Blade by ShiftUp came under first for portraying its protagonist, Eve, in skimpy clothing. Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Stellar Blade by ShiftUp was a title that caused much controversy regarding the character design of Eve, the game’s protagonist. People accused the game of objectifying women, which was antipodal to people’s complaints about the protagonist in the upcoming Xbox exclusive, Fable.

Nexon is a South Korean video game publisher. The publisher published games through subsidiaries, like The Finals through Embark and Dave the Diver from Mintrocket in 2023.

The First Descendant, however, is a first-party title from the publisher. Only a couple of days after its release, it seems like there could be potential trouble for the game.

It began with the character of Ultimate Bunny, a skin for one of the recurring characters in the game. This is how fans reacted to it:

As visible from the posts above, the skin shows the character, supposedly a Descendant, one of the enforcers tasked with protecting the Ingrist continent from invaders.

The Ultimate Bunny Suit in the First Descendant Is Supposed to Be Lore-Accurate

Bunny, a descendant in The First Descendant. Screenshot from the game's Bunny Trailer.
Bunny is one of the playable Descendants in The First Descendant. Image Credit: Nexon.

The First Descendant was a game that was appreciated by fans and critics when previews and betas were released. In the game, players can unlock Ultimate Versions of Descendants. The ultimate versions of descendants have boosted stats and different outfits.

Also, lore is attached to the outfits they wore in the game. For example, the game’s website has a lore description that explains why a battle-hardened enforcer is wearing skimpy apparel, offering little to no protection for her.

The lore mentions that Bunny was excited to get her Ultimate suit, but the first recipient was chosen as Lepic, one of the many Descendants in the game. She was then disappointed but came across pieces of equipment that were unfinished:

Bunny was about to leave the lab when she noticed pieces of unidentified equipment lying in the corner of the lab…They were components of certain Ultimate equipment restored by the Magisters …Originally thought to be a full-body skin suit, the restoration could not be completed

Though unfinished, the lore also states that the ‘Ultimate Suit’ for Bunny is ‘as powerful as a complete suit.’ The reader should judge whether the above lore makes sense or not.

What do you think of the Ultimate Bunny Suit? Are they Lore-accurate or a marketing plot? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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