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Name That Tune makes schedule change just weeks into Season 4 after decline in ratings

The GAME show Name That Tune has abruptly changed its schedule just five episodes into its new season.

The Fox series opted for a rerun on Monday, July 8, despite low ratings and the expectation it would be weekly.


Name That Tune sees contestants name pop songs with bandleader Randy Jackson[/caption]


Jane Krakowski of 30 Rock fame serves as the game show’s host[/caption]

Unfortunately, fans expecting a new installment of Name That Tune on Monday were in for a replay.

A rerun was aired instead of a new episode of Season 4 on July 8.

There was no announcement from the game show about the change on social media.

In addition, Name That Tune has aired on schedule weekly since its Season 4 debut on June 3, 2024, so fans were taken aback.

“No new episode of #NameThatTune this week – tune in next week for Episode 6,” one viewer wrote on X with a frowning emoji.

Fans can instead catch Episode 6 of Season 4 next Monday, July 15.


Meanwhile, Season 4 of Name That Tune struggles to reach a ratings crescendo, with an average weekly viewership of 1.5 million.

The second episode of Season 4 hit a season-high with 1.6 million viewers, but the three subsequent episodes have declined since then.

Episodes three and four averaged 1.5 million viewers, while episode five dipped to 1.4 million, according to TV Series Finale.

That said, Season 3 of Name That Tune averaged 1.30 million viewers, slightly up from last season.

Plus, the Fox series has already been renewed for a fifth season, so there’s no sign of cancelation.


During the Season 4 premiere, fans called out an unsound music mistake when a clip from the show was shared on social media.

Valerie from Staten Island, New York, faced Joey in the Bid-A-Note round.

Bid-A-Note is Name That Tune’s most famous segment, in which contestants go head-to-head to name a mystery song first.

The players are allowed ten notes, and the contestant who says they can do it with the fewest gets to guess the song.

Valerie drew gasps when she said she could name it in just one note.

Bandleader Randy Jackson played her a single note on the set’s piano.

Valerie guessed “Vampire?” by Olivia Rodrigo, which was ruled correct by host and 30 Rock alum Jane Krakowski.

She received $15,000 as the audience cheered – she eventually won the game and took home $91,000 total.

However, the note Randy played was not the starting note of the song, as even casual fans pointed out in the comments section on TikTok.

“That’s nowhere near the starting note, I dont get it,” one top comment read.

“That’s not even the note the song starts on. Vampire starts on an A, not a D,” wrote another.

“That’s not the same note,” wrote a third.

“I was like, if anything, it sounds like Driver Licenses first note,” wrote a fourth.

“For real it does not sound like that, apparently she got clues which is why she guessed it,” wrote a fifth.

As that commenter pointed out, the round also involves getting a clue beforehand, which was not part of the clip.


Name That Tune is hosted by 30 Rock’s Jane with bandleader Randy.

The modern iteration of the classic game show sees two players compete against each other (and the clock) to test their knowledge of pop songs with a live band.

There are different rounds played throughout each hourlong episode, with a rotating set of challenges in the first round:

  • By Request: a contestant chooses one category from a choice of six and is given a tune that fits
  • Mixtape: all tunes fit a single topic
  • On Shuffle: naming one tune by six different music acts
  • Remix’d: naming a series of pop tunes played in different styles
  • Spin Me Round: an electronic wheel is spun, which chooses one of nine musical genres to play a tune from
  • Title Track: naming tunes fitting a topic given by the host
  • Blank That Blank: a portion of the title for each tune is given before it is played

Bid a Note is the ultimate challenge. The player with the most money after that wins the game and goes to the Golden Medley bonus round (with up to $100,000 up for grabs).

Name That Tune airs Monday nights at 8 pm ET on Fox and is paired with The 1% Club which airs at 9 pm ET.


Name That Tune abruptly aired a rerun tonight just five episodes into its new season[/caption]

Name That Tune

During the season premiere, fans called out the show when a contestant guessed an Olivia Rodrigo song in one note[/caption]

Name That Tune

Dozens of fans said that the note that was played was not the starting note of the song[/caption]

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