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My husband has chosen a ‘ridiculous’ name from a movie for our son – just wait until you hear how it’s pronounced

A WOMAN has revealed that her husband has chosen a ‘ridiculous’ name for their unborn son.

She revealed that the moniker is from a movie, but it’s the pronunciation that is giving her second thoughts.


A woman has revealed that her husband has chosen a ‘ridiculous’ name for their son, but he thinks it’s totally normal[/caption]

Not only this, but the woman explained that whilst her husband thinks it’s a ‘totally normal’ name, she is worried she will have to spell out his name to strangers for the next 20 years of her life. 

Sharing her conundrum on Reddit, on a forum named ‘tragedeigh’, the anonymous woman begged: “Please help me troll it away or accept it as a normal name.”

The woman explained that her 35-year-old husband shared with her his “favourite and only possible male name for a future son.”

She revealed: “He likes the name so much he keeps asking to name our future son like that and when/if we have a girl I can pick her name and it can be whatever I like.

“He thinks the name he picked is awesome and totally normal.

“Even though it’s a legit name I find it kinda too cultural/historic/old and kinda stupid.”

The poster then shared the moniker that her husband has chosen, as she continued: “I present to you Panteleimon (PAN TEA LEY MON).”

But she explained: “I keep seeing it as PantyLemon.”

The woman revealed that her husband “can’t explain where he found the name”, but despite this, she shared: “The only thing I’ve Googled is that it’s some kind of Saint. We both are deeply NOT religious. 

“We both have normal everyday day names. To me this is just a bit too Younick but maybe it’s a common name somewhere? 

“Both our families are from Eastern Europe but I have never heard this name nor met anyone named like that. 

“The kid will be growing up in an English speaking environment and I really don’t want to spell this name for everyone for the next 20 years.”

I really don’t want to spell this name for everyone for the next 20 years

Reddit author

The Reddit user then asked other social media posters: “Am I overreacting? Have you heard this name? 

“My husband suggests the nickname Panya as a shorter version. I don’t like it.

“Please help me persuade one of us whether it’s a normal name or a [tragedy].”


Meanwhile, Reddit users rushed to the comments to share their thoughts on the unique moniker. 

One person jokingly said: “You could call him 13-0752! That’s Pantone Lemon!” 

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Another suggested: “Litmus test it. Can your husband really imagine screaming ‘GO PANTY LEMON!!’ At a sporting event? No?”

Meanwhile, someone else revealed a bit more about the name itself, as they added: “This name was actually quite popular in 19th-century Russia

Please don’t name your child ‘Panty-’ ANYTHING

Reddit user

“But right now no one uses it, it sounds very orthodox in a religious way. 

“I can only see a person naming his cat or dog this name, kind of as a joke like such a long name for a little kitten.”

Whilst a fourth user advised: “Please don’t name your child ‘Panty-’ ANYTHING.

“It doesn’t even matter what you put after that… the kid will be absolutely ridiculed in school.”

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Fabulous’ Deputy Editor reveals the turmoil she faced with her own name while growing up.

When I was a child, all I wanted was one of those personalised keyrings with my name on it.

But no joy, the closest I could find was Rosie, Joseph (not great for a little girl) and Joanne.

Josie is short for Josephine, which is a French name, and I managed to reach my 20s without ever meeting anyone who shared it.

When I try to introduce myself to people, I get all sorts of random things – like Tracey and Stacey – which can be pretty annoying.

Although I have come into contact with a couple of Josies over the last year – there seems to be a few of us around my age – it’s still a much rarer name than most of my friends have.

On the whole I don’t mind it, at least it’s not rude or crazily spelt.

And it means I can get away with ‘doing a Cheryl’ and just referring to myself as Josie.

I’m getting married this year and some friends are shocked that I’m changing my surname, as it’s not seen as very cool or feminist to do so these days, but I explain to them that I’m not that attached to Griffiths as I’d always just say ‘hi it’s Josie’ when ringing a mate up.

I think it’s nice to be unique and I’ll definitely try and replicate this when naming my own kids.

It’s the rude names you’ve got to watch out for, so after nine years as a lifestyle journalist I’ll definitely be avoiding those.

Following the 1,200 comments, the Reddit poster later added: “Please don’t be mean to my husband. I love him a lot. 

“Just help me convince him that it’s a ridiculous name.”

The woman then confirmed: “The name is NOT from His Dark Materials or the book.

“The name is from a Russian movie “courier”.”

Not only this, but she confirmed: “Also I now remember that in the town we both grew up there’s a Panteleimon’s bridge for the Greek Saint and there’s a church as well. 

The way some of you are being ignorant and plain hating on the name is not very nice or helpful

Reddit author

“So it’s a normal cultural name that is a bit old and hard to pronounce for some people. 

“I just wanted to get an English speaking take on the name and it’s clear it’s too weird/foreign for some people. 

“If I end up liking the name myself I’ll probably keep it as an option. 

“The way some of you are being ignorant and plain hating on the name is not very nice or helpful.”

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