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“Minecraft is literally the only reason…”: Physical Media is All But Dead in Japan, with 1 Game the Sole Focus Now

Minecraft, the sandbox game from Mojang Studios, is one of the most popular titles and has a massive player base across the globe. The game is popular all over the world but is possibly more loved in Japan than anywhere else.

The physical releases have been relatively less than they were a few years ago, all thanks to the emergence of cloud gaming and digital options. It also seemed to have affected the physical releases in Japan, except for Minecraft.

Minecraft Is the Only Physical Game Available in Japan for Xbox

Minecraft legends artwork
Minecraft Legends is reportedly the only physical game available in Japan. Image via Mojang Studios

Yodobashi Camera Akihabara, commonly known as Akiba is a haven for gamers and video game enthusiasts where they can buy video games. But according to one user on X/Twitter, Xbox section at the store is almost empty.

As per the user, the company has moved away from physical releases in the region. Minecraft Legends is the only physical game available on sale at Yodobashi Camera Akihabara.

While there are accessories such as controllers on display, everything else is just ads for Microsoft’s subscription service, Xbox Game Pass. Minecraft is very popular and has sold over 300 million copies as of October 2023.

The game sells 25 million copies every year and was 2023’s 11th best-selling title in Japan for Nintendo Switch. The Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition and Legends was also on the list down further. It also has over 100-150 million players almost every month and Japan contributes largely to that.

Fans Think Only Minecraft Has Kept Xbox Relevant in Japan

Minecraft in-game screenshot
It is one of the most popular games in Japan. Image via Mojang Studios

Gamers in Japan have always preferred physical discs but it seems like the game companies are moving away from them. One user said that Xbox discs in Japan were always hard to find but they can now not even find a console.

Another user said that Minecraft is the “only reason” why Xbox is in Japan with one fan saying the company is finished. Xbox has been taking huge steps to go all-digital and earlier this year there were reports that Microsoft had shut down its physical game releases division.

It doesn’t mean the company is completely leaving the physical video game market, it could be cutting down on them. And this state of physical video games in Japan could very well be the start of it. Fans have pointed out that the company is moving away from physical releases worldwide.

An all-digital future seems to coming soon for video games but fans are not okay with that. There is a large number of gamers who want a physical disc instead of a digital game. From companies like Ubisoft to Xbox, all show signs of digital-only games but fans are now quite ready.

What are your thoughts about only Minecraft being available physically? Let us know in the comments!

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