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‘Might as well remove it entirely,’ cries Walmart shopper after makeup aisle locked down – store ignores easy solution

A WALMART customer has fumed after an entire aisle at the retailer was locked behind plexiglass doors.

Shoppers continue to rage against the anti-theft measures stores have implemented to curb shoplifting.


A Walmart customer has fumed after the makeup aisle was locked behind glass doors[/caption]


Walmart and other retailers have been receiving backlash for their anti-theft policies[/caption]

Stores including CVS, Target, Rite Aid, and Walgreens have taken part in the extreme method.

Though the policy was intended to better the customer experience by making sure products were in stock, it has backfired for many.

Customers argue that locked shelves take away from the traditional shopping experience and add long wait times if they have to wait for an employee.

One customer slammed Walmart and suggested removing a section altogether after a bad experience at the retailer.

“Literally the entire beauty section at the Walmart I just went to was locked up,” they wrote in a tweet on X.

“You cannot even buy mascara without trying to hunt down a worker first.

“They need to have [people] assigned to stay in or near the area if they’re going to do this.

“Otherwise might as well remove entirely.”


Many shoppers have used social media as a place to air their grievances.

One shopper said they pressed the call button multiple times, but no one came to help.

“Went to Bobby Jones Walmart today….was greeted with these new things,” she wrote in the Facebook post.

She shared a picture of the locked shelve with skincare and lotion at the Augusta, Georgia store.

There was a button that read “Press for assistance” on the door.

“Pressed the button 7 times [after 2 it became principal]….for $6 equate brand make up wipes,” she fumed.

US stores that lock shelves to combat theft

Retailers have started to lock shelves to combat rising theft.

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Walgreens
  • CVS
  • Duane Reade
  • Rite Aid
  • Dollar Tree
  • The Home Depot
  • Sephora

“No one ever came. Mind you to the right is $14 deodorant. Help me make this make sense.

“Oh! And they wanted to check my receipt when I left…for the beer that was NOT locked up.”


On top of locked shelves being a frustration, receipt checks have also been a constant hassle for customers.

One customer slammed Walmart saying they feel like a criminal due to the anti-theft measure.

“Walmart is a complete joke,” they wrote.

“Every time I go in the store and pay with my [hard-earned] (60 hours a week) money, I’m treated like a damn criminal when I leave.

“I refuse to shop in this store because of it, and I refuse to stop for any employee to show my receipt.”

The U.S. Sun contacted Walmart for comment.

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