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Michael Strahan reveals retirement wager with colleague as Fox NFL Sunday star admits ‘I want a life at some point’

MICHAEL Strahan revealed an eyebrow-raising wager with a friend regarding the end of his broadcasting career.

The 52-year-old Fox NFL Sunday star has said he is already contemplating retirement on-air.

YouTube/Graham Bensinger

Michael Strahan took part in a YouTube interview with journalist Graham Bensinger and revealed a retirement wager he had with a friend[/caption]


Strahan has been a Fox NFL Sunday star since 2008 – the year he retired from the NFL after his 15-year Hall of Fame career[/caption]

Since he retired from the NFL in 2008, Strahan has been a commentator for Fox’s NFL coverage.

And the New York Giants legend is an anchor on ABC’s Good Morning America.

Strahan also has numerous business ventures and during a YouTube interview with journalist Graham Besinger, a segment revolved around how long the NFL Hall of Famer will continue to work.

“I was talking to a couple of your friends who said, ‘For him, retirement is more a dream than reality,’” Besinger said to Strahan.

That led to Strahan sharing that he recently had dinner with a friend, who presented him with a wager about his retirement.

“We had a little bet. I’m not going to tell you how many years we bet on,” he said.

“We had a little bet about how long I’ll work.

Strahan then discussed the reasons why he would retire from broadcasting.

“At some point, you’ve got to look back,” he said.

“I love my life. I enjoy my life. My kids are in college. I want to be able to go to college. I want to be able to say, ‘Hey, let’s go take a trip,’ not, ‘Oh, I’ve got to get this vacation time off.’

“I want a life where there’s some freedom at some point.”

Strahan gave a strong hint about his future.

“I guarantee you this: I’ll be off TV before a lot of people [are] sick of seeing me on TV,” he said.

Strahan didn’t share an exact time that he’ll walk away from working as a broadcaster.

Getty Images

Since 2016, Strahan has been an anchor on ABC’s Good Morning America[/caption]

But he did give himself up to 10 years that he can continue to work before retirement.

Strahan appears on Fox NFL Sunday when the NFL season takes place.

He makes appearances alongside  NFL icons Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, Rob Gronkowski, and Jimmy Johnson.

Michael Strahan’s NFL career

Michael Strahan is one of the most recognizable faces on television.

But he came into his media career off the back of a hugely successful stint in the NFL.

Strahan spent 14 years all with the New York Giants from 1993 to 2007.

He was a seven-time Pro Bowler and helped them win the Super Bowl in 2007 – ending the New England Patriots’ hopes of a perfect season.

Strahan was also a two-time NFL sacks leader and also won Defensive Player of the Year.

The ex-Giants star set the single-season sack record with 22.5 in 2001 – a feat which was matched by J.J. Watt exactly 20 years later.

He is one of the best defensive stars to have ever played the game – finishing with 141.5 career sacks and 854 tackles.

Strahan is a regular on GMA and works on the show throughout the year.

And he also hosts the current version of the Pyramid game show for ABC.

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