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McDonald’s announces new limited-time candy-influenced McFlurry flavor – but fans point out an obvious concern

MCDONALD’S has introduced a new McFlurry flavor as customers look to cool off this summer with a sweet treat.

The fast food giant’s offering is only available for a limited time, so fans must act fast to take advantage.


McDonald’s fans can soon get their hands on a new McFlurry flavor[/caption]


The limited-time McFlurry addition arrives in early July[/caption]


The Kit Kat Banana Split McFlurry will arrive just in time for summer[/caption]

Starting on July 10, customers can get the Kit Kat Banana Split McFlurry, per McDonald’s website.

It comes with a vanilla soft-serve ice cream base, blended with real banana and strawberry chunks and chocolate wafer bars from Kit Kat to seal the deal.

The McFlurry flavor has fans in a frenzy, with many excited to get their hands on the limited option before it’s gone.

“Very excited for this!” someone commented on a post from food influencer Markie Devo (@markie_devo) about the McFlurry on Facebook.

“Need that banana McFlurry asap,” another echoed.

“That McFlurry sounds awesome,” a third said.


While the anticipation builds, some noted concerns about their ability to get the Kit Kat Banana McFlurry at their local McDonald’s locations.

McDonald’s has garnered complaints over the years from customers who allegedly encounter broken McFlurry machines frequently when they try to order it.

Some expect a similar scenario with the new flavor this July.

“Let’s hope the ice cream machines work when this Kit Kat Banana Split comes out,” a McDonald’s fan wrote.

“Think the ice cream machine will be working?” another asked.

Those who are bigger fans of McDonald’s burgers instead of the McFlurries might have more luck, as the ice cream some release is paired with a limited-time sandwich offer, too.


Fans can soon get their hands on the Smoky BLT Quarter Pounder with Cheese alongside the Kit Kat Banana McFlurry.

McFlurry Offerings at McDonald’s

McDonald’s offers customers several McFlurry options on the menu in the United States. Limited-time editions are added and taken off periodically to celebrate holidays or seasons of the year. The U.S. Sun has compiled a list of what is currently available and what will be available in July.

  • McFlurry with M&M’s Candies
  • McFlurry with Oreo Cookies
  • McFlurry with Kit Kat
  • McFlurry with Kit Kat and Banana Split (July 10)

The burger offering comes with two slices of American cheese, three pieces of Applewood Smoked bacon, shredded lettuce, three Roma tomatoes, and a unique BLT sauce.

The Smoky BLT Quarter Pounder will be available starting July 10 as well and has been offered once before.

Fans were thrilled over the sandwich addition.

“They both look delicious,” someone remarked.

“I’ve been thinking about that quarter pounder since the last time they had it!” a fan also exclaimed.

McDonald’s hasn’t always had the best luck with its limited-time burger offerings, as a customer blasted an addition to the menu earlier this year they dubbed “the worst burger” they’d ever had from the chain.

The chain also recently axed two unpopular menu items for good fans said were “beyond ridiculous.”

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