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Lush teams up with iconic cartoon characters for latest range & fans of the 90s are going to love it

BEAUTY brand Lush is known for doing brilliant collaborations.

And the high street bath bomb experts have just teamed up with an iconic cartoon for its latest range.

The range will be snapped up by cartoon fans
The bath bombs have a surprise inside

From this week, fans of the store can shell out on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themed products.

Lush bosses say the ‘turtle-y awesome’ limited-edition bath, shower, body and hair will be snapped up by customers. 

Renowned for innovating packaging-free cosmetic items — such as soap, shampoo bars and solid body scrub — the Lush x TMNT collection is available online now and will be in stores from tomorrow.

The Lush teams says in real life, turtles love the brand because of its commitment to helping keep waterways clear of excess waste. Meanwhile, Lush loves the Turtles because of their commitment to fighting injustice and a shared love of pizza. 

Rebecca Jenkins, VP of Consumer Products at Paramount, which produces the cartoon, said: “We’re thrilled to once again partner with Lush on an exclusive collection, this time for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

“Lush has created some truly unique products – with less single-use plastic – that thankfully, will leave you smelling much better than the Turtles’ sewer lair.”

Included in the new range is the Peace, Love and Pizza Bath Bomb. As the bath bomb fizzes and froths in swirls of purple and green, the bath melt topping, made of organic mango and illipe butters, melts to soften skin.

There’s also the Green Machine Bubble Bar. Fluffy bubbles rise over mean green waters as the power of violet leaf, rose and jasmine help keep your spirits up. 

The Turtle Power Solid Body Scrub uses sea salt and bamboo stem extract to exfoliate and refresh skin, while organic mango and illipe butters leave you feeling soft and hydrated. A sweet and fruity blend of olibanum and bergamot oils leaves you gently scented.

The Turtles’ enemy Krang also gets a look in with his own Shower Jelly. Fruity davana oil blends are combined with bergamot and vanilla in this jiggling jelly.

And also in the range are the Four Brothers Bath Bomb. Shaped like Leonardo, Raphael, Michaelangelo and Donatello, these bath bombs froth and fizz, turning the water green and releasing a zesty lemongrass scent that’ll make you want to say Cowabunga.

Inside each bath bomb you’ll find a soap surprise in the shape of the Ninja Turtles’ favourite things.

Lush has always championed solid products that require no plastic packaging.

Mo Constantine – Lush’s co-founder – invented many mainstream products we see across the cosmetics industry today, such as the bath bomb in 1989 and the shampoo bar in 1987.

Since 2005, Lush Shampoo Bars have saved the use of nearly 180 million plastic bottles from landfill, which is estimated to be roughly 4,500 tonnes of plastic avoided. This is the equivalent of over five per cent of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Today, 43 per cent of Lush’s core product range can be taken home without packaging.

Kalem Brinkworth, Creative Lead for Concepts and Collaborations at Lush, said: “We are excited to continue our partnership with Paramount Consumer Products.

“In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Lush has created a special plastic free collection.

“It’s super important to us to ensure our customers are aware of the benefits of reducing their cosmetics packaging, so that they can make informed choices.

“We hope that Lush products can continue to provide enjoyable and easy ways to switch out plastic packaging this summer and beyond.”

Lush have previously teamed up with Bridgerton and Shrek for product lines – and even did a Saltburn bath bomb.

Even Krang gets his own product
The products will be in store this week

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