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King Charles is flogging organic honey at £25 a jar after getting tips from famous new pal

KING Charles is flogging organic honey at £25 a jar after getting tips from new pal David Beckham.

The King has just launched his Highgrove Royal Estate Honey, selling it in 350g jars.


King Charles’ Highgrove Royal Estate Honey will be sold in 350g jars at £25 each[/caption]


David Beckham, who keeps bees himself, gave King Charles some tips[/caption]

Ex-England captain Becks, who keeps bees himself, gave Charles a jar of his own honey at a fashion bash last year.

They met again last month at the Highgrove Estate in the Cotswolds ahead of Becks becoming an ambassador for The King’s Foundation.

Beckham, 49, said afterwards: “It was inspiring to hear from the King about the work of His Majesty’s Foundation during my recent visit to Highgrove Gardens — and compare beekeeping tips.”

The former soccer star has discussed his passion for beekeeping in public before.

The 2023 Netflix documentary series “Beckham” began with him harvesting honey into an old jam jar.

Highgrove says: “This beautifully delicate Highgrove Organic Royal Estate Honey is ideal for toast and breakfast treats,” says the advert.

“Produced from pollen collected by the myriad of bees who all live in the exclusively commissioned traditional British double-walled beehives on the estate; each hive has its own specific design and took almost a year to construct by hand.

“The bees in the spring work the hedgerows of Highgrove Gardens and, in late June to early July, forage on the avenue of limes.

“The organic soft-set honey makes a fantastic gourmet gift for food lovers with its distinctive lime flavour.”

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