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“Kevin can see through everything”: Marvel Fans Couldn’t Respect Kevin Feige More After Learning What He Did For Hugh Jackman During X-Men Days

Many fans will be surprised to learn that the relationship between Kevin Feige and Hugh Jackman goes way back to the latter’s X-Men days. When Jackman came to audition for the last-minute role of Wolverine, Feige was a low-level producer’s assistant on the set. Jackman recalled Feige’s kindness to him when he felt that he had failed the audition.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in Deadpool 3
Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool & Wolverine | Marvel Studios

The Prestige actor would go on to land the iconic role in Bryan Singer’s film. He reprised the role for eight more films, before seemingly exiting from the role in 2017 after Logan. However, Feige once again came into his life when he decided to take on the Wolverine mantle again for Ryan Ryenolds’ Deadpool & Wolverine.

Kevin Feige Was Kind To Hugh Jackman During X-Men Audition

Hugh Jackman has played Wolverine since 2000s X-Men | 20th Century Fox
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in X-Men (2000) | 20th Century Fox

Bryan Singer’s X-Men was left without an actor in one of the leading roles after filming began when Dougray Scott quit the Wolverine role. He was committed to Mission: Impossible 2 at the time and couldn’t finish it in time to join Fox’s superhero ensemble film.

Producers called back one Australian actor whom they had considered for the role initially. Hugh Jackman wasn’t a big name back then and he jumped at the chance to audition again for the role. He read the lines in front of Singer and screenwriter Tom DeSanto, but he was not sure that he had impressed them.

During an interview with EW, Kevin Feige recalled that Jackman was originally rejected due to his height. But the now Marvel Head, who was a production assistant back then, took a liking to the actor and agreed to drive him to the airport. But before that, he first offered to take the relatively new actor to a dinner meal.

Jackman shared with EW that he tried to argue that he may not get the part and there was no need for Feige to take him to dinner. However, Feige insisted on having the meal and they had a nice steak dinner. It was an unforgettable moment in Jackman’s career.

When he was cast in Deadpool & Wolverine under Feige’s MCU, it was life coming full circle for The Wolverine actor. He shared with EW:

I said, ‘Kevin, we all know I’m not getting the part. You don’t have to do dinner.’ But no, he sat in there and had a steak dinner with me and then drove me to the airport. I’ll never forget it. That was the nicest thing. I thought I’ll never see him again.

Patrick Stewart, who played Professor X in the movies, recalled Jackman’s casting in the first movie in his memoir, Making It So: A Memoir. He wrote that he and the other actors were rooting for Jackman to land the role because he had an “intangible star quality” (via SlashFilm).

Fans Will Never Forget What Kevin Feige Did For Hugh Jackman

Kevin Feige speaking at the 2016 San Diego Comic Con International, addressing the fans
Kevin Feige speaking at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con International by Gage Skidmore, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

After Hugh Jackman’s revelation was shared on X, fans couldn’t help but appreciate the Marvel President’s kindness. Kevin Feige has been at the receiving end of constant criticism from fans due to the current state of Marvel, but many believe that Deadpool & Wolverine will bring back fans’ faith in him.

One fan on X shared that Feige had the vision even back then and he could see that Jackman would land the role of Wolverine. Another fan praised Feige, calling him the “real one” for his kindness to Jackman. One fan mentioned that it was a beautiful story and added that no one could’ve played Wolverine better than The Greatest Showman actor.

One fan shared that Feige was always elite at identifying the right actors for the role. The fan believed that even in the recent below-average projects, the casting was on point. Some of the fan reactions read:

Feige is happy that he can bring back all the fan-favorite mutants under the same roof again. Even Ryan Reynolds admitted to EW that he never thought he could play Deadpool again after the acquisition. However, fans are thrilled that Deadpool & Wolverine is now happening under the MCU banner.

The film is set to be released in theaters on July 26, 2024.

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