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Kanye West, 47, accused of sending ‘inappropriate’ Instagram messages to model, 22, while married to Bianca Censori

KANYE West has been accused of sending suggestive messages to a young model on Instagram despite being married.

Mikaela Lafuente has accused the Chicago rapper of being “inappropriate” toward her on social media.


Kanye West, seen in an all-black ensemble at Milan Fashion Week on February 23, 2024, has been accused of sending DMs to a young model while married to Bianca Censori (not pictured)[/caption]


Mikaela LaFuente, seen in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower in a sexy pink dress, shared messages from the Chicago-born rapper[/caption]


Bianca Censori, seen in an oversized trench coat at the UEFA Champions League round of 16 in Madrid, Spain, has not responded to the allegations[/caption]

The 22-year-old model claims the interaction took place in March 2024, according to The Mail Online.

She said she found it “odd” that Kanye, 47, would reach out to her, noting that in addition to him being married and nearly twice her age, they had never met before.

“It was funny,” she said.

“Bryce [Hall, her boyfriend] and I were in Vegas and I was going through my Instagram DMs and I saw this [Kanye West message].”

Mikaela added, “At first, I didn’t believe it and thought it was a fake account, but it wasn’t.

“The message was pretty odd as I had never spoken to him or seen him in person before.”

The outlet obtained screenshots from the exchange show the Father Stretch My Hands crooner writing, “Back in Cali.”

He went on to ask if she wanted to “hang out” and listen to his latest album.

She declined his advances.

Months after the fact, Mikaela claims it was “inappropriate” for Kanye to message her at all.

“I don’t think it’s acceptable to be messaging other women when you’re married. It’s not acceptable and it’s something I’d stand behind forever,” she said.

She added that cheating in relationships is “unacceptable.”

Kanye married Bianca Censori, 29, in December 2022.

Bianca Censori and Kanye West’s relationship

Bianca Censori was born on January 5, 1995, in Melbourne, Australia

Before her current full-time job, the 29-year-old started a jewelry company called Nylons after leaving high school.

After working as a student architect for three years, she completed a master’s degree between 2019 and 2020 ahead of moving to Los Angeles.

In a radio interview, a childhood friend of Bianca’s claimed that Kanye slid into her DMs on Instagram.

The rapper reportedly said, “Come and work for me.”

At which point she says the designer moved to LA to join his company Yeezy as the “head of architecture” – and has been since November 2020.


On Friday, October 6, 2023, The Daily Mail reported Kanye and Bianca wed on December 20, 2022.

The couple tied the knot under a “confidential marriage license” in the state of California.

The two wed in Palo Alto, California, according to the document.

The wedding came just one month after Kanye and Kim Kardashian finalized their divorce.

“I’ve grown up with all my family being with their partners forever and this is what I want for my relationship,” she told the outlet.

“Monogamy is what is accepted and cheating is unacceptable.”

Mikaela continued, “If he texts other girls, I know I said no, but others might not.

“I do not support it. Maybe they have an agreement and Bianca knows about it and is cool with it, but we will never know this.”

The model claims that after she declined his request, Kanye deleted all of his Instagram messages to her.

Her boyfriend, Bryce, shared the messages on X, formerly Twitter.

“Kanye is sliding on my girlfriend… someone tell Kim,” he added.

“Cmon ye… at least invite me to the hang and listen session,” he mocked in another post.

The U.S. Sun has reached out to Kanye’s rep for comment but did not immediately hear back.


Mikaela LaFuente and her boyfriend Bryce Hall shared Kanye West’s alleged DMs to her on social mediaa[/caption]


It’s been a rough few weeks for the fashion designer and his Australian wife.

Kanye was spotted out in Berlin without Bianca by his side early this month.

He hid his eyes behind dark sunglasses in a rare photo posted to social media.

The photo was posted on the Gargouille Guillotine Instagram feed.

In the photo, the rapper had on a white hooded jacket with matching pants.

He had a dark bandana on his head with a white pattern on it.

The rapper wore sporty black sunglasses over his eyes and a large silver chain with a cross hanging from it.

Kanye was sporting a beard and a stern look on his face.


The outing came amid a lawsuit filed by a Yeezy employee that alleged that Bianca sent “hardcore” sexual content to an employee.

It was alleged in the filing that she posted the clip after Kanye announced the launch of a new adult film business, Yeezy Porn, in April.

The lawsuit claimed that the videos shared by Bianca were accessible to underaged staff members.

Bianca was not named as a defendant in the lawsuit, however.

Claims that she sent porn to employees were used to show the kinds of work conditions at the YZYVSN streaming service app.

Bianca denied the allegations in a statement delivered via Kanye’s former chief of staff, Milo Yiannopoulos, who told The Sun he had her permission to speak on her behalf.

Milo slammed the claims in the lawsuit about “the Lady of the House,” calling them “offensive, disgusting, abhorrent and categorically and wholly false.”

“The tragic, desperate, attention-seeking wannabe Yeezy staffer behind this egregious and repulsive pack of lies, Shemar DaCosta, has never had any kind of access to Ye, his family, or Yeezy, or any information pertinent to the company, and he never will,” he told The Sun.

“DaCosta, known as ‘Hotep Susan’ in Yeezy circles for his histrionic and absurd race-baiting, faked an entire job history at Yeezy on his LinkedIn profile–the most tragic and thirsty lie imaginable.

“He claimed to be a lead developer for Yeezy. He has never worked at Yeezy. Read my lips: He will never, ever, ever land a job at the company after telling such odious lies about the Lady of the House.

“There’s a simple reason DaCosta’s clownish claim–that minors were shown Yeezy Porn– isn’t true and can’t be true.

“Yeezy Porn doesn’t exist. I made sure of that by falling on my own sword and quitting over it.”

Kanye and Milo are named as defendants in the legal filing.

The shocking lawsuit alleges that Kanye and Milo pushed “forced labor and cruel, inhumane, or degrading treatment” on staff.

They have been accused of making false promises to adult and underage employees in order to force them to work abnormal hours.

Milo slammed the lawsuit’s claims that he segregated staff by race and named Discord chat rooms “slaves” and “new slaves.”

“Secret white chat rooms? No, the other team just hustled harder than you did,” Milo hit back.

“Hostile working environment? How can that be? You were never hired. Minors working illegally? Give me a break.

“The only minors being taken advantage of are the poor suckers roped into this lawsuit, who have no idea what a pack of lies their names have been attached to.

“If anyone’s taking advantage of kids, it’s Shemar DaCosta and his bozo Instagram lawyer Ben Lockyear, whose area of legal expertise appears to be credulous African Americans with dubious causes of action.

“Both of them should be ashamed of themselves. And if they’re not now, they soon will be.”


Kanye launched YZYVSN, a streaming service, in spring of this year to skirt paying companies like Spotify and Apple Music to promote his albums, according to reporting from The Washington Post.

In addition to Milo, the Grammy winner allegedly hired an international app developer group, which included employees as young as 14.

The lawsuit alleges that Milo ordered all staff members to sign non-disclosure agreements and threatened to fire minors and withhold their pay if they didn’t finish their work in a timely fashion.

The young employees were also allegedly forced to sign volunteer agreements.

Thigpen Legal, the firm behind the lawsuit, claims that there was also racist treatment at the company.

They told NBC “Black and African employees were segregated and given less favorable work assignments and separate ‘whites only’ working groups were formed.”

Employees were reportedly forced to work through the night with no sleep or extra compensation.

If they pushed back, workers were allegedly threatened with having their paychecks withheld.

One of the apps was finished on May 1, at which time Kanye allegedly did not pay for the work that was done.

This has led to a massive lawsuit, which is claiming unpaid wages, damages, seeking overtime pay, and suing for emotional distress.

Milo, a far-right political commentator and the former editor of Breitbart News, slammed the legal action on X, formerly Twitter.

He dubbed the lawsuit a “joke” and a “sad race hustle,” claiming it was started by a “disgruntled, comically inept Black developer I call Hotep Susan who is mad he didn’t get chosen for a full-time Yeezy job.”

“I’ll eviscerate the complaint line by line tomorrow on camera, including his bonkers racism claims.”


Mikaela LaFuente, seen in a tiny black cropped top and white cargo pants in an Instagram photo shared on her social media accounts, slammed Kanye West’s DMs to her as ‘inappropriate’[/caption]


Bianca Censori, pictured in a nude bodysuit during Paris Fashion Week on June 19, 2024, has been accused of sharing porn with YZYVSN staff[/caption]


Kanye West, pictured in a casual black outfit in a parking lot in Los Angeles on January 23, 2024, is named as a defendant in the lawsuit, while his wife is not[/caption]

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