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Joe Burrow demands huge NFL schedule change and fans want him as new commissioner after being mocked for backless jacket

JOE Burrow is trying his hand at being commissioner by proposing changes to the NFL rules.

The Cincinnati Bengals quarterback is campaigning to add another bye week to the schedule.


Joe Burrow has an idea of how to expand the NFL season[/caption]


Burrow proposed moving the Pro Bowl to the middle of the season[/caption]

The NFL is dreaming of adding an 18th game to their schedule, but some players are concerned about getting injured from extra playing.

Burrow isn’t concerned about a potential extra week though, and shared his proposal for how to make it work.

On a recent episode of the Pardon My Take podcast, Burrow laid out his plan for the longer season.

He shared that if the schedule is expanded, the league should add an extra bye week for player safety.

Burrow also added that the bye week should be during Week 13 for every team and the Pro Bowl should move to the middle of the season.

He thinks that moving the Pro Bowl could boost its ratings, as it is consistently one of the least viewed All Star events of any sports league.

Adding an extra week on the season would also push the Super Bowl back to Presidents Day weekend.

Having the game at that time would mean football fans get the Monday after the Super Bowl off for the holiday.

Fans loved the proposal from Burrow and clamored for him to take over as NFL commissioner.

“Great plan,” one fan said.

“Is it too late to put Burrow in the 2024 Presidential race?” another fan said.

“Burreaux for commish,” a third fan said.

“He cooked,” a fourth fan said.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has floated the same idea as Burrow in the past, sharing his potential plan at the NFL Draft.

“I think we’re good at 17 (games) now, but listen we’re looking at how we continue,” Goodell told Pat McAfee.

“I’m not a fan of the preseason, I don’t think we need it. I don’t buy it.

“I’d rather replace a preseason game with a regular-season any day. That’s just picking quality.

“So if we got to 18 (regular season) and 2 (preseason), that’s not an unreasonable thing.

“The other thing that does is, that ends up on President’s Day weekend, which is a three-day weekend.”


Fans loved Burrow’s ideas for changing the NFL rules[/caption]

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