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“It’s something I don’t think we’ve seen before”: Bruce Timm Promises Batman: Caped Crusader ‘Weaponizes’ 1 Character in a Way Neither Zack Snyder Nor Matt Reeves Could

Bruce Timm is widely regarded as the singular figure who has had the most impact on the DC Comics animated offerings. Since he started off an illustrious career with the global giants via Batman: Mask of the Phantasm back in 1993, Timm has been related to some of the most iconic animated series, especially when it comes to the character of Batman.

Batman's 1940s inspired costume from Bruce Timm's Batman: Caped Crusader (via Prime Video)
Batman: Caped Crusader | Prime Video

Right from Batman: The Animated Series, to The New Batman Adventures, the 63-year-old’s impact has been felt across a plethora of animated series and movies. Now, with the first episode of the upcoming Batman: The Caped Crusader set for a release on July 1, Timm has promised a unique, original take that has previously never been seen before in the plethora of live-action and animated versions of the caped crusader.

And well, one read through his claims about the upcoming series, and fans will undoubtedly respond with excitement

Bruce Timm promises a unique, never-seen-before Batman in The Caped Crusader

Bruce Timm
Bruce Timm | Image by Gage Skidmore, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

As it turns out, there are plenty of reasons why The Caped Crusader might prove to be the most exciting Batman animated series released in recent years. After all, if Bruce Timm believes so, fans are best-served simply believing him. The director, via Empire, recently revealed how the series will delve into a Batman who will be in the earliest years of his career. 

This, amongst a range of unique antics and features, will also include the weaponizing of a character who has traditionally been seen as a father figure to Bruce Wayne. Yes, we speak of Alfred Pennyworth, who will be an enabler of sorts, in The Caped Crusader:

That even extends to one of the Bat’s closest allies – faithful butler, Alfred. “He weaponises Alfred,” Timm says of this Bruce Wayne. “He’s not Batman’s surrogate father anymore. He’s a guy that’s going to enable him to fight crime. That’s how focused [Bruce] is. 

This, of course, is seemingly only the tip of the iceberg, as Timm himself promises a weird, never-seen-before take on Batman, which is surely going to keep fans on toes.

Bruce Timm makes multiple exciting promises for Batman: The Caped Crusader

Batman: Caped Crusader
Batman: Caped Crusader | Warner Bros. Entertainment

Moving on, the more intense Alfred is not the only way in which Caped Crusader is set to shake things up. Tim revealed that in the overall character arc of Batman, Caped Crusader will delve into his earliest days. So much so, that instead of it being ‘Year One’ of his adventures, the series will delve more into ‘Week Two’:

It’s not ‘Year One’, It’s more like ‘Week Two’.

Timm of course, is partnering with  J.J. Abrams and The Batman director Matt Reeves for Caped Crusader, which effectively means that fans can expect a thoroughly enjoyable ride, if not a landmark one when it comes to the overall DC animated world.

Regardless, delving into this new version of Batman, Timm revealed that he wanted a much edgier version of the character:

I wanted to make him kind of weird, and spooky. If you’re stuck in a room with Batman, whether you’re Commissioner Gordon or Barbara Gordon or Renee Montoya, you don’t feel comfortable. You’re kind of like, ‘What is this guy? What’s this all about?’ It’s a weird take on him. But it’s something I don’t think we’ve seen before.

While there is no doubt that Batman as a character has always had an edgy side to him, and it is completely believable to see even his allies uncomfortable in his presence, Timm’s claims elucidate that Caped Crusader might be breaking a range of other norms as well, when it comes to the illustrious superhero character.

Batman: Caped Crusader will premiere on Amazon Prime on July 1st.

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