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“It seems like a missed opportunity”: Niantic is Wasting Time and Money By Not Giving Pokemon Go Fans What They Want

Niantic’s Pokemon GO has been a worldwide sensation ever since its launch in 2016. It is known for its immersive combination of virtual and physical worlds, which allows players to catch various Pokemon. The game is now celebrating its 8th anniversary and introduced many new events and features.

One of the returning store events with the anniversary is the Masterwork Research story called Whispers in the Woods, which leads to an encounter with the shiny Celebi. However, players are not happy with this, as those who already bought it the first time can’t buy it again for resources.

Pokemon GO Missing Out on Potentially Huge Feature

Pokemon GO community is suggesting that there should be a cheaper version of the pack for players who already have the shiny Celebi.
Fans want the ability to purchase Special Research even if they have completed it before. | Image Credit: Niantic

Whisper in the Woods is a Special Research Story that players can buy as additional content for $5 in Pokemon GO. This allows them to enjoy the unique story with a guaranteed chance of getting a shiny Celebi encounter. With its 8th anniversary, players were given the opportunity to buy this again.

However, if players already own the Whisper in the Woods Masterwork Research, they cannot buy the pack again. This has left fans feeling left out, as they cannot enjoy the story again. The community is suggesting that there should be a cheaper version of the pack for players who already have the shiny Celebi. Reddit User chefguy09 highlighted this issue.

They should have a cheaper version of the Celebi Masterwork research for those of us that already have shiny Celebi.
byu/chefguy09 inpokemongo

This post suggested that Niantic should change its current approach and sell the story for $3 for those who already have done this. Players are feeling frustrated and overlooked, as they are not even given the chance to purchase the new research altogether. The special research was free when it first launched.

The main issue from the player’s perspective is that they are willing to pay but the game is not taking advantage and monetizing the additional content. This is a good type of problem to have, but still, this is a major oversight by the developers, as players sometimes want to enjoy and experience content with others, or some simply want to stock in-game items, and this is not allowing that to happen.

Niantic May Want to Pay More Attention to Player Feedback

The game missed its opportunity to earn more revenue and please fans. | Image Credit: Niantic

Niantic is missing out on its chance to satisfy players who are willing to spend. As the post points out, there are still many items in the pack that also help the player who has already done the story like incubators, raid passes, and candy. These are some of the most valuable items in the game, and players don’t want to miss their opportunity to stock them for future use.

As players are enjoying various content on Pokemon GO‘s 8th anniversary, such as Elite raids and many events. It looks like Niantic has to listen to more player feedback, as sometimes they can miss their opportunity to capitalize on moments like this (where players are asking and willing to pay for existing content).

In the end, Niantic’s current approach seems to have missed the window to both please players and increase revenue. We can only hope that they listen to more feedback and continue delivering good content.

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