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“It seems difficult to pick up”: 1 Big Change in Black Ops 6 is Proving Difficult for Some Call of Duty Players to Accept

There’s no doubt that the Black Ops series of the Call of Duty (CoD) franchise is held in extremely high regard by FPS fans, with the first entry being ranked one of the best! While the most recent title, Modern Warfare 3, has been received well in mechanics, gamers have found the title lacking in other aspects. With Black Ops 6, Activision wants to set this right.

Treyarch and Activision plan to completely overhaul CoD gameplay in Black Ops 6 by bringing various new features and mechanics. One of the most striking additions is undoubtedly the brand-new omnidirectional movement. While many gamers are hailing it, others believe it’s going to be challenging to pick up.

Call of Duty Fans Debate Over Black Ops 6 Omnidirectional Movement Feature

Omnidirectional movement in Black Ops 6. | Image by: Steam

Black Ops 6 features a brand new mechanic called omnidirectional movement. This revolutionary feature allows players to run, slide, and dive in any direction. Alongside this feature comes a new intelligent movement setting, automating movements such as sliding, sprinting mantling, and sliding through crouch-height holes.

The omnidirectional movement mechanic is often seen in open-world RPGs. However, CoD fans aren’t particularly enthusiastic about the mechanic.

Does anyone think this game will be a huge sweatfest?
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Ever since it was revealed that Black Ops 6 will feature omnidirectional movement, many in the community have been skeptical about the mechanic. A lot of players believe that it will make Call of Duty unnecessarily tricky and doesn’t work for the franchise in general.

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Call of Duty multiplayer has been plagued by sweats, who use all kinds of gimmicks to dominate everyone. Few believe that Black Ops 6 will continue this trend, and omnidirectional movement will make things even worse.

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While many aren’t happy about omnidirectional movement, one player believes it’s best not to buy Black Ops 6.

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Well, the new movement mechanic definitely seems out of place in a CoD game. However, we need to recall the initial addition of the sliding mechanic in the franchise. The community absolutely hammered it, and now, it’s a crucial part of all titles in the franchise.

Let’s hope Treyarch’s take on omnidirectional movement in Black Ops 6 is refined enough for players to enjoy. The developers know that it can backfire if it’s not implemented correctly.

The Classic Prestige System is Coming Back in Black Ops 6

The prestige system is returning in Black Ops 6. | Image by: Steam

It’s a known fact that the classic prestige system was a longtime staple of the Call of Duty franchise. Once players reach Level 55 in multiplayer, they’re able to prestige, resetting multiplayer progress, which allows the player to do it all over again. After players have made it to the highest prestige level, they can continue leveling all the way to level 1000.

In 2019’s Modern Warfare, for some reason, the prestige system was abandoned in favor of a new seasonal leveling system. However, in the Black Ops Cold War, the system made a return but was altered. In this new system, players were allowed to level continuously, and every 50 ranks gave a level of prestige.

The new features and changes Treyarch is making to the classic gameplay in Black Ops 6, coupled with the return of such fan-favorite features, are sure to excite the fans of the franchise.

What do you think about the omnidirectional movement in Black Ops 6? Let us know in the comments!

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