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“Is there an ETA fix for this s**t?”: Impossible to Beat Behaviour of 1 Helldivers 2 Enemy is Proving Too Much for Many Players

Despite its resounding success, this game is pushing its players to a dangerous level of frustration. The Helldivers 2 community is quite fed up with Arrowhead Game Studios’ inability to fix the numerous bugs in the game. 

Recently, a Reddit user posted a video showing a giant Terminid attacking and passing over a rock without any hindrance. Users quickly joined the conversation, stating that such bugs are constantly present in the game and that the studio should pay more attention to player complaints.

Helldivers 2 Players Continue to Encounter the Same Bugs

Helldivers 2 community is tired of seeing the same bugs.
Helldivers 2 community is tired of seeing the same bugs. Image via Arrowhead Game Studios.

The success of this title, developed by Arrowhead Game Studios, is undeniable, but Helldivers 2 players are demanding a change. The community has repeatedly voiced complaints about persistent bugs and broken enemies. Since day one, these issues have persisted, and the studio has not provided a timeline for their resolution. It doesn’t even seem to be on their priority list.

A new video by a user that went viral on Reddit shows a Terminid clearly passing over a rock to attack a player. This is evidently a bug and makes no sense in terms of gameplay.

Is there an ETA fix for this shit? Been happening since launch. This cant possibly be intended behavior. Getting sick of sliding chargers.
byu/nacostaart inHelldivers

The studio doesn’t appear to be addressing this problem anytime soon, according to other users who joined the complaint, posting responses naming other similar bugs in the game regarding the different enemies.

The Studio Should Focus More on Fixing These Design Issues

Helldivers 2 is much need of an update.
Helldivers 2 is much need of an update. Image via Arrowhead Game Studios.

This particular video demonstrates numerous errors that extend beyond the bug’s passage over the rock. It also shows how this giant bug accelerates without any apparent reason, which is clearly a design error.

Other complaints have highlighted the sometimes absurd behavior of these bugs. This specific issue cannot even be avoided with light armor, even if the player is running faster than usual.

It seems this particular enemy has very high intelligence, as it follows the player everywhere, even making complete turns despite its large size. The community has grown weary of these persistent bugs that have persisted since the game’s inception and don’t appear to be receiving any fixes anytime soon.

For several weeks, players have been actively complaining about Helldivers 2 and its lack of inventive content. The majority of the community appears to want new content that radically changes the gameplay. Fans are mostly requesting the addition of a new enemy to face.

What are your thoughts on this specific bug? Let us know in the comments!

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